Immortal Phoenix Slying Mythical Challenge: How to Get Karon’s Coins

When not looking for Greek gods or fighting whimsical creatures Immortal phoenix sizing, You can find and complete different things Mythical challenge It is scattered around the map.

There are several types Mythical challenge Each will reward you when found and completed in Immortals Fenyx Rising Karon’s coin, Resources and folklore from Zeus, Prometheus, and Daedalus.

A few Mythical challenge Locked behind puzzle, And others are always available when you find them. Navigation challenges. A brief overview of each type and how to complete them to spend more coins to level up your skills.

Immortal Phoenix Sizing: Mythical Challenge

There are four mythical challenges encountered in each area of ​​the map.

  • Navigation challenges
  • The challenge of the lyre
  • Fresco Challenge
  • Odysseus Challenge

These challenges can be completed at any time, and if a navigation challenge or the like fails, you can resume it without penalty, but you need to select that option quickly.Can be used Hyperopia You can find these challenges while looking around and waiting for nature to be encountered.

At the end of each challenge you will receive some Karon coin Can be used in River Styx Cistern Upgrade your divine powers in the Hall of Fame and unlock new abilities.

Navigation challenges

Daedalus has a stamina challenge, which is basically a time trial. You need to sprint and fly to a specific location on the map. Beam of gold light It is not always clear at first glance. It seems possible to use mounts during these challenges, but I’m not sure if the patch will be applied as it feels a bit at the edge of cheating.

To get started, you need to stand on the platform with winged sandals and the horn will ring. From there, look for a ray to see the end point. If you fail, you’ll be given the option to reset the challenge, so you can waste your time hunting for the finish line the first few times. However, you need to select the option quickly. Otherwise, the options will not be available.

The challenge of the lyre

One of the first mythical challenges to be found when starting Immortals Fenyx Rising is Harp Challenge, Accompanying Big liar.. The Big Liar is a musical instrument that conveniently functions as a fast travel point.

Need to search Small lyre, Are shown as notes (more precisely, eighth notes) on the map. This sounds good before you see it. They can be found open, but they can be locked behind the puzzle behind the chest, so look for unique songs like the navigation bar, map, or harp.

If you find a small lyre, manipulate it and note the order in which the strings are plucked. Each lyre has four strings, playing four or five notes in sequence, so once you’ve written them down, go back to Big Lyre and shoot an arrow at the corresponding string. If you miss the string with the arrow, you need to restart the sequence. Each big liar rewards you with three or more rewards for finding these unique songs. This is a great and easy way to earn more Karon coins.

Fresco Challenge

Fresco Challenge To get the big picture, you need to press a small mural around a small board. Some are protected by enemies and blocked by puzzles, while others are free to control. Space on the board is limited and you need to solve the problem a bit and figure out how to put each piece in the right place.

You need to push the squares back and forth in the correct order, but if you feel confused until they don’t come back, you can hold down the Start Menu button to reset the challenge or load. If you saved it before trying it, restore it.

Odysseus Challenge

Finally, Odysseus Challenge..This task involves standing on a helmeted platform and using to shoot arrows. Apollo arrow .. You’ll have to go through some obstacle course, through a small hoop, and follow the arrow until you reach the beacon or incense burner. Some challenges involve guiding an arrow through the fire to turn on the beacon, others are just following the path.

You need to keep your eyes energy The arrow itself moves so fast that it can be a bit tricky to maneuver to go around some of the long routes, but again, you can retry this type of challenge as many times as you like.

You can see a review of Immortals Fenyx Rising here. You’ll also find tips on getting started and how to collect resources to upgrade your gear.

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Immortals Fenyx Rising Myth Challenges: How to get Coins of Charon

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