Immortals Fenyx Rising review rounded up

Alex Calvin, Wednesday, December 2, 2020 16:21 GMT

What did critics make about the latest release of Ubisoft?

Brand new of French publisher Ubisoft Immortal phoenix sizing Will be released tomorrow (December 3rd), so I rounded up the score and confirmed the consensus.

Published at E3 2019 and originally named Gods and Monsters, this action romp features the main character, Fenyx, who explores an open world inspired by Greek mythology. Its art style and general gameplay are compared to the Nintendo Switch title “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.”

VG247 Review-5/5:

“As far as next-generation titles are concerned, Immortals Fenyx Rising definitely needs to be added to the list. It’s available on almost every platform-sorry, mobile gamers-and looks great on the Xbox Series X I reviewed. Overall, if you’re having a quiet holiday season this year, it’s a fascinating, cerebral and entertaining time-sync adventure that really inspires and distracts you. “

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Immortals Fenyx Rising reviews round up – all the scores

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