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Who doesn’t love Greek mythology?

Despite the numerous TV shows, books, cartoons and games all digging up the sadness of Olympic athletes, we cannot get enough of the Olympic drama and all the suffering they plague humanity. It seems that.

Neither, Ubisoft thinks so.They just gave us over 100 hours of drama that was Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and seemed to be born out of that Animus glitch, but they are now threatening us with another Greek mythological Odyssey with Immortal. Phoenix sizing For PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox series, Nintendo Switch, PC on December 3rdrd, 2020.

Now that’s right Phoenix sizing It’s a large open world game that may be running on a modified AC engine. It’s like a game where we all forget that Ubisoft was able to create it. With its cartoon stylized visuals, displaying a beautiful version of the mythical Greek, Phoenix sizing It seems to have hurt the hydra crushing itching I had since the God of War series ruined us with legendary depictions of ancient Greek and Olympus myths.

After customizing the character with selectable gender, hairstyle and features, you can later further customize it through another armor-you take on the role Phoenix, A soldier who suddenly becomes an Olympic athlete is the only chance to defeat the most terrifying and terrifying tiephone of all Titans. While Zeus and Prometheus occasionally talk about your journey in humorous twisted jokes and mythological lessons, you need to find four Olympic athletes scattered across the land and restore their power.

Phoenix sizing Definitely like a big mix of AC and BoTW. With AC’s extensive open world and quest system, BoTW goes everywhere and climbs every spirit. You can also glide with Daedalus wings and explore the Tartarus dungeon, which is very similar to the BoTW shrine. The gameplay here is a combination of puzzles and platforms, and combat abilities need to be used in combination with special skills and movements. gift? Zeus’s lightning bolt to upgrade stamina. As with BoTW, you can collect items from the surrounding world and use them to create potions.

Combat is far more hack and slash than the AC series, and seems to leave BoTW’s soul-like sensibility on the door. You are free to use three weapons: a sword, an ax, and a bow. You can also use various special abilities to juggle enemies, among other combat options. It’s far from modern arcade games and looks much closer and closer to what you’ll encounter in DMC. This is a good thing. Not all AC properties are completely gone, but complete evasion temporarily slows down the time to counterattack. If you do enough damage to the enemy, you can shift the enemy and unleash the window. Some serious pain.

Your special ability will also help you with game puzzles in both dungeons and open worlds. At first, your character may have a hard time rolling a giant pearl into the ocean, but as you level up and gain new abilities and weapons, you can hit it with a giant hammer.

It’s great to be allowed to approach both the game puzzles and their quests openly. It may seem overwhelming at first, but its free freedom allows you to play in your own way and at your own pace. Depending on the type of gamer, it can be either a curse or a blessing.

December 3rdrd Not too far. I am very excited to take the time to explore the Golden Isle. Phoenix Is set.

You can pre-order Immortal Phoenix sizing Here on PlayStation, Xbox, PC Switch, Stadia.

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