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Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity can be daunting at first, especially if you are not familiar with the chaotic nature of the Dynasty Warriors series.

To relieve your horror, check out the key tips and tricks for Age of Calamity, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player who has already experienced the original Hyrule Warriors.

Beginner fighting tips

  • You don’t have to occupy every outpost. Doing so is great for collecting more material, building special attacks, and preventing enemies from chasing you around the map. That said, most people don’t have to go on their immediate mission.
  • Weakness attacks are usually the most powerful. This can be done when the red weakness gauge of a large enemy is completely destroyed. These are usually more powerful than special attacks, especially later in the game.
  • Save your shake rune attack for the counter. When fighting a lockable named enemy, wait for the Shake Rune symbol to appear overhead, then use the same attack to stun the enemy and force the weakness gauge to appear.
  • Order your character from different locations on the map! If you have multiple waypoints on your map, pop the menu to open it and use the map to drag additional playable characters anywhere. This allows you to keep up with yourself while other characters escape to the selected points. When you’re done with all the goals you’ve completed, you can switch directly to another character.
  • The shield is good, but did you try to dodge instead? Dodging at just the right time will slow down the enemy and activate a gust attack that accelerates and makes several quick attacks in a row. This also exposes the weakness gauge.
  • If you’re like many of us, you’re probably saving your elemental rod for just the right moment. Don’t do this! Wisloves and other element-based enemies provide ammunition for fire, ice, and electric rods, and these enemies appear at almost all levels. Don’t store them!
  • Defeating enemies and mowing grass in the environment will pop out materials, rupees, and chests. Don’t worry about collecting them! If you don’t touch it first, it will warp in a few seconds.
  • Is too much happening on the minimap? Click the control stick on the left to zoom in and view.

Before combat tips

  • Each playable character will receive a training challenge shortly after being unlocked. Try out new characters with these very simple tasks. Look at the combo screen and try all the combos. These combos usually consist of hitting Y several times and adding an X to the end of the Y combo’s string to perform a powerful attack. Each does something different!
  • Do I need to raise my character’s EXP? Try to make a dish that increases the experience rate you receive at the level. There are also recipes for increasing damage and speeding up.
  • Turns on the enemy’s health bar for all small unnamed and unlockable enemies. Just jump into the options menu and switch sliders.
  • Complete quests for additional bonuses and new services! These allow you to buy more materials, fuse weapons, and reduce rune recharge times.
  • When fusing weapons, pay attention to the weapon seal. This gives the weapon special attributes such as increased monster material drops and higher damage output to enemies in the air.

Tips for finding materials

  • Cut grass and other flora at the level! These often drop material.
  • Crate and other objects can be destroyed. These will often drop rupees.
  • Before heading to the battle of the challenge, take a look at the battle details screen for a list of level-specific resources that appear more often.
  • Please note that if you complete the quest and unlock the shop, the shop inventory will be reset each time you complete a mission or challenge. The material here does not change.
  • Please note that not all merchants will be displayed every time you complete the quest and unlock the stables and merchants. Play missions or challenges to essentially reroll the potential for merchants to appear.
  • Have you ever seen a glowing rabbit hanging at a certain level of remote location? It will be scrambled off when approaching, but if you hit it from a distance (such as with a link arrow), 100 rupees will explode.
  • Get a shake sensor! Unlock Needed: Researchers early in Chapter 2. quest. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to register up to two quests if you don’t have the resources you need. This will cause the level containing the above materials to pulsate the green ring. If you have enough material to complete the quest, you will be notified when you complete the level! In another quest in Chapter 4, you can register up to 3 quests.
  • There are cooking recipes and weapon stickers that increase the drop rate of ingredients. Please be careful about these and use them in your mission!
  • Please note that the basic chest of the mission will be reproduced, but the more elaborate chest of rare materials will not be reproduced.
  • Later in Chapter 5, the quest will be unlocked and when completed, the price of items in the shop will drop.

Korok search tips


  • Koroku may appear as distinct yellow flowers or windmills. They are also hiding in crates, some behind cracked rocks that can be destroyed by remote bombs. Also note the rotation of the Korok balloon.
  • When you reach Chapter 4, the strangest Korok quest will be unlocked. When you complete it, the number of Koroku found at each level will be displayed on the battle details screen.
  • If your quest requires more Korok Seeds, don’t worry. Some challenges and quests unlock additional Korok Seeds, but this doesn’t happen until later in the game.

Advanced tips

  • Get out in the air! You can continue your normal attack in the air, or you can press X and hit it back to the ground to end it with a powerful attack.
  • Basically anything can be jumped out into the air. Hit an unbreakable object such as a wall, rock, or barrel and hit B twice to fly into the air and start gliding. Some powerful attacks and shake rune attacks will also boost you.
  • Hold down X to perform a particular combo. For some characters, especially links, you can hold down X when performing a powerful attack and let go to perform a second unique powerful attack.
  • If the enemy’s weakness gauge is exposed, consider activating Stasis to freeze the enemy and destroying the weakness gauge for a few extra seconds. However, some characters have an automatic follow-up move for Stasis, so it’s not very effective for all characters.
  • Using an elemental rod on an enemy not only stuns the enemy, but also exposes and weakens the weakness gauge. You can do this at any time, even if the enemy just hides the weakness gauge. This is great for large enemies like bosses and liners.
  • Learn to parry the Guardian’s Laser! The Guardian is locking you with a red line of sight, so hold down the shield button (L) and wait for it to hit. Press Y to make the giant beast reflect the laser, just as the laser is about to hit you.


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