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High fleet

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I certainly never wondered what would happen if you crossed. Pirates! In 1992 Dunes It’s an adventure strategy game, but since I’m playing it, I know that at least one has it. Constantine Kostin and MicroProse High fleet On this week’s PC and it is a little what is that.

a little.. I would appreciate it if you could explain the painstaking details. High fleet One of the important things to understand here is that it is unique. I launched this game and soon got lost. That’s because it not only drops you to the deepest part of that lore, but I couldn’t rely on it because everything it puts together is so weird, weird and new. There is no such thing as “I know this kind of game, so I just do it”.

High fleet Set in the future of dirty dieselpunk that looks and feels like the history of World War I, written by Frank Herbert. You are part of a great empire coming to crack down on rebel territories, commanding a huge flying fortress that can act as a flagship and at the same time accommodate and deploy many small ships. ..

This is the game's main command station. Almost every button does something and basically acts as a very flashy and chunky menu screen.

This is the game’s main command station. Almost every button does something and basically acts as a very flashy and chunky menu screen.
screenshot: High fleet

When I say you are in command, I mean that. Most of the game is a map that plots and manipulates the course (seeing the ship heading towards the ship in real time), wireless messages that need to be manually intercepted by turning the dial, and when going out of the ship. Is a huge lever labeled OPEN that you should always pull. It’s all incredibly direct and practical.

This is a concept High fleet Most of what you need in this game is necessary, so wear it on your sleeves you To do them. When landing somewhere, you can manually land the ship in a mini-game like a lunar lander. If you ruin it, they will take the damage you have to pay. And when you fight, you don’t casually issue commands or take turns in luxury. Combat is fought in real time with tense (and increasingly difficult) arcade actions, with no options to skip them or delegate responsibility.

Your fleet always needs money, fuel, repairs, and puts in powerful survival factors High fleet Will be soon stress builds up..

This is the method of landing, and each ship must be manually dropped and speed, pitch, and orientation controlled so that it can land safely without further damage.

This is the method of landing, and each ship must be manually dropped and speed, pitch, and orientation controlled so that it can land safely without further damage.
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But wait, there’s more. The story unfolds through a dialogue sequence that doubles as a diplomatic system for traveling through hostile lands, forming alliances with locals, meeting newly arrived colleagues, and confronting enemies. If you say the wrong thing at any time, you can help the fight or offend someone until it has a direct impact on the campaign.

Oh, and also strong shipbuilding and customization. This should always fill your head. There you can customize a given ship, design a whole new ship and choose everything. Some of the armor, engines and weapons that go into them. The attributes of each part are reflected in the performance in battle.

It’s just a lot of what was thrown together, a lot of it seems designed to tire me, And my whole time High fleet Every time I thought about complaining that something was wrong or too difficult, it was spent imagining the creator simply saying, “This is a game we made.”

I’ve done quite a lot because it gives me the quirks of this game true bothersome. Arcade action, like landing mini-games, became boring to me pretty quickly. Thank you for being there and there are people who are very crazy about such things every time in the name of immersion, but in the process of a large single player campaign I’m all skirmishes No need to fight or do a glorious parking simulation every time you need fuel.

A lot of time is spent just waiting for refueling and repairs to be completed, the diplomatic ones feel pretty thin (and sometimes completely random) and the shipbuilding ones are mostly cool, but it’s also annoying It’s full of hassle with a small UI that makes it much more annoying than it needed to be.

I continue to feel that these annoyances will be a game breaker for me under most other circumstances, but here they feel like just a few High School Fleet The world’s settings, art and game design are in perfect agreement with the overall sense of hostility. The world is barren, in a vast desert where a huge airship is fixed with rusty bolts and everything ignites with just a few hints of bullet sparks, all your skills were dug up and repaired in the 90’s 70 Looks like it’s from the ages, of course Things will be tough and unforgiving.

I am suffering because my subordinates are suffering. Nevertheless, I feel that I have succeeded, cut off my hips to intercept the enemy’s message, manually plotted the interception course on the map, and then succeeded in a directly controlled attack. can not believe it..

And wild, wonderful, and strangely beautiful, given everything I said above. You can’t finish these impressions without saying how good the game looks.It’s full of great things Dunes-Environment drips with quirky character art, storms and sandy beaches FeelingThe weather effects are great, and the pixel art ships look hellishly cool. Some dither effects are turned on by default. This really burns the aesthetics of the retro future.You can turn it off if you want, but it looks like very It is appropriate to leave it as it is.

High fleet This was the first “new” MicroProse game I played and I must say that I was amazed at the choice of this game. It’s easy to say that this kind of modern publisher rebranding is just a nostalgic license agreement, but from settings to brutality to dither, it’s really like Microprose released in 2021. It feels like a game. .. Did they actually survive until 2021?

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