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Not everyone can embark on a great journey, but thankfully, video games can offer creative choices. Like books and movies, games have the power to draw us into mysterious places.Title like Journey Prove how attractive it is to simply travel the land, Omni It may follow.demo Omni: Prologue Start the player to restore ancient powers with the help of mysterious nomads. Seeing some mysterious powers, casual platforms and strange worlds, this demo takes a small step towards an epic adventure.

Why quest?

Most stories in the game provide some setup or intro to help the player understand what’s going on. Omni It takes a more indirect route and provides some form of context, depending on the clues and aspects of the game. From the demonstration, the story seems to continue as an unnamed nomad (probably omno) travels through a diverse world (probably omno). The goal of the first area seems to be to gather energy to restore the ancient ruins to continue the journey. This is a silent story where players can fill in the blanks themselves.

Exciting road

Things start slowly and ease you with world control and mechanics. When it takes off, you rarely go on an incredible adventure. Controls are easy to understand and familiarize with using traditional platform settings. Nomads jog at a calm and stable pace with a decent jump arc. Nomads also have a fairly reliable ledge grab move, as there are many climbs to do. Nomads also have staff who act as the primary way to interact with the world. Most of the staff’s abilities are contextual and make them feel important every time they use them.

Next is the grandeur of the world. The demo shows only the first area, but creates a feeling of something much bigger on the horizon. Interestingly, most games that try to create this sensation usually have a smaller player character or a pullback of the camera.To Omni, Nomads take up a lot of space on the screen in the center of the camera, but the scale is not lost. Nomads are part of something big and create a clear sense that the world they are traveling in is even bigger.

Finally, the game is very pretty.Sometimes you just have to be dull, and that’s what we do Omni. It’s a game that looks good and emphasizes lighting. The vision of seeing the sun shining from the scattered ruins is very calm. The sounds of the world, especially the creatures, complement each other. There are many wildlife to discover, each with different behaviors and noises. Whenever there is music, it is brought in to emphasize what is happening and it is effective.

Things that get in the way

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Every road has speed bumps and every trip has pitfalls. Omni It is no exception. The biggest danger that developers need to deal with is platform flow. It’s clear that jumping, running and climbing are the main movements, but they can be smoother. Take a peek into a more open area where nomads can surf over staff like a hoverboard or teleport in the demo area. These provide much more freedom of movement. I hope this will be seen further in the final product.

Another important point is modeling. The shapes and animations of world objects and character models are clean and solid, but more definitions are available. Everything looks like cell shading. This definitely works with a stylized design like this: The Legend of Zelda Tact.. However, there were a few moments when the nomads blended into the background, which was a little jarring. Finally, we need to make a clearer distinction between climbable and non-climbable environments.

The end of the pass …

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The game pass ends with the completed version. Omni We are aiming to release it on Steam next March / April. The demo is the sparkle of the brightest and least shining stars yet. It’s a calm journey with an important atmosphere in which players traverse a changing world. It’s even bigger with freedom of movement and clear environmental features.Until we’re ready to leave next year, we can see how our feet fit on the track Omelette prologue..

Omno Prologue Impressions | Need More to Om-Nom

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