In fact, video games can be beneficial to your mental health

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As a pandemic batter Economy and entrustment Our collective mental health, where billions of people around the world are isolated at home As a matter of course A Snort..Depression is because many lack the usual means of initiating contact with family, friends and colleagues. It has skyrocketed worldwide.

But you might be able to do something about it without leaving the house. A New study from Oxford University Mental health has been shown to be enhanced by playing video games, one of the most sedentary indoor activities of all.Studies show that growing plants on the couch against the well-known warnings of your spouse or parent can have a positive eIf you play the right game, it will affect your mind.

This study is the first of its kind

This study represents a new area of ​​video game research. By analyzing the behavior patterns of the players in the two games Plants vs Zombies: Battle of Neighborville And Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Researchers have tailored the survey to the specific game time of 3,274 players. (Previous research leaned towards more suspicious conclusions because it relied on player self-reported game time.)

The· Survey Citing several factors related to the player’s experience, such as “autonomy, relevance, ability, enjoyment, and pressure to play,” the relationship between objective game time and personal mental health. I tried to measure.

by Professor Andrew PushbilskyThe findings, research director of the Oxford Internet Institute and lead author of the study, go against much of the stereotyped framing of video games as having a negative effect on mood. These learnings can prove beneficial to policy makers, especially as internet addiction and screen time become more prevalent issues throughout society.

“Our findings show that video games are not necessarily bad for your health. There are other psychological factors that have a significant impact on a person’s well-being. In fact, play is people’s mentality. It can be an activity that is actively related to health, and regulating video games can withhold those benefits from players. ”

Other important findings

It is important to note that both games used in this study have brighter assumptions than many violent or apocalyptic games on the market.The happiness of the athletes surveyed Animal ForestA more friendly mood, and the fact that in order to play, players must interact with each other to perform mutually beneficial tasks.

“Unless people are happy with it, I don’t think people are spending a lot of time playing games with social aspects.” Przybylski told the BBC, The effect of both games is likened to a “digital water cooler”.

The study further concluded:

  • Actual time playing was a small but important positive factor for people’s well-being
  • The subjective experience of the player playing can be a greater factor in happiness than just play time.
  • Players experiencing real fun from the game will experience more positive happiness
  • The findings are consistent with previous studies suggesting that people whose psychological needs were not met in the “real world” may report negative well-being from play.

Data helps inform public health policy

Still, the survey does not completely refute the 40-year-old video game survey, many of which. Various games and player mental health Beyond the age group.According to the study provides PrzybylskiA researcher’s chance to better communicate to public health authorities accurate data about video games that were previously unavailable due to technical constraints.

“You really respect an important organization like the world health Organizations and the NHS are literally allocating attention and resources to those that do not have the right data. ” He said Parent.

It provides a little reassurance to know that you like hilarious games, as the western government is considering imposing new blockades. Animal Forest It may help people survive loneliness more than we thought before.

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