In February 2021, many Xbox gamer scores and achievements were provided.

It may be the shortest calendar month, but there is no shortage of simple achievements from the Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S games released in February 2021. A brief list of achievements from last month Now that we’ve included the full 1000G in our game, can we maintain that momentum with this month’s offering?

#SinucaAttack – Full 1000G

The simple answer is “yes”. And start with that very game #SinucaAttack.

A rare and unique game, #SinucaAttack A 2D platformer and snooker puzzle game. The player must put the ball in the pot or hit the switch in order to open the door and go through the door. And it also provides some of the simplest achievements you will encounter. In other words, if you get the hang of terrible control.

To earn all achievements, you only need to complete the first 12 levels. There are many more available, but they are all surplus for your requirements. Of the 15 achievements offered, 9 are specifically related to the completion of these 12 levels. Three of the remaining six are unlocked by pressing up to 12 switches that unlock the door. Complete the main purpose for completing the level. The last three are for hitting a total of 40 balls. Hit the ball on the switches needed to complete the main purpose and be able to finish the level.

All outcomes are tied together. Hit the switch with the ball to complete the level. It’s very simple, it’s very easy, it’s very heavy. You’ll get a complete 1000G within 15 minutes.

Durability: Space Action – 100G – Level I

Endurance Space Action 3

The clue is certainly in the achievement name, unlocking within the first level. But there is a very slight twist.

Durability: Space action An old-fashioned top-down shooter set in an abandoned spaceship. Our review states that there is a long campaign that could be a warning sign for anyone looking for a simple outcome, but it’s tempting because the beauty of 100G is easily within reach. May be so good that it cannot be ignored.

But that twist? Now, instead of completing the level to pop the achievement, it will be unlocked as soon as you start the level. There isn’t much of a twist, but you kept reading, right?

On The Road Truck Simulator – 55G – Reboot

on the road

Another candidate for the “worst video game title” is grammatically annoying. On the Road Truck Simulator.. Also noteworthy is the amount of unusual gamer scores. 55G means this is worth more effort than traditional 50G. But that’s not really the case.

At least the title describes what the game is. This is another truck simulator that drives the road point-to-point. Truck driver.. And this is definitely one achievement that you want to unlock as soon as possible.

This is because there is only one saved file and you need to overwrite the saved game to unlock it. Start On The Road and create a save. Then exit the main menu and start a new game, overwriting the existing save. Doing so will give you a cool 55G. Doing this first will not lose the progress of On The Road The Truck Simulator. Xbox..

Seriously, there should be a colon somewhere.

Werewolf: Apocalypse – Center of the Forest – 4 at 100G – Hikers, Prodigal Daughters, Tourists, and Sleeping Peacefully

Werewolf Apocalypse-Forest Center 1

Next is the game title with a colon. A visual novel based on the desktop board game of the same name.

As with any visual novel, the choice must be made in Werewolf: Apocalypse-Forest Center.. There are major choices to make at the beginning of the game, but at least initially, it means that you can easily follow the steps.

It doesn’t matter which direction you go, so when prompted, feel free to choose between the town and the surrounding forests. If you first select a town, selecting a graveyard unlocks two achievements, Tourist and Rest in Peace, at 25G each.

If you prefer the forest route, choose clearing for another couple of 25G achievements, this time called Hiker and Prodigal Daughter.

Easy PC, 100G off. That is the saying from now on.

Get 10 Quests – 25G – Italy

Get 10 Quest 1

Maybe this was completely over my head Get 10 quests A puzzle game with some pretty vague achievement titles. Italy is the first thing you unleash, but subsequent achievements include titles such as “ass,” “chest,” and “speaking dead.” If you can help decipher all of this, please answer with a postcard.

Anyway, Get 10 Quest on Xbox is a number-matching puzzle game similar to the classic mobile game Threes. However, instead of increasing the number by 3, each integer goes up in turn. If you can count up to 10, you know how this game works.

For this 25G achievement (called Italy for “reason”), you need to earn 1000 points. This may seem a lot, but it takes very little time. You can do this right away by combining the numbers to make a big number and then combining them.

Kick it, bunny! – 100G – Beginner

Kick the bunny

The final result of February is written as a homage to my two pet rabbits, Benji and Annie. If the past few years of owning these two have taught me, they are an immeasurable force on their hind legs, to prevent you from getting into places they shouldn’t. No matter what you do, they can jump over it.

To Kick it, bunny! You play as a rabbit in this cute platform adventure. Throughout your journey, there are some puzzles to solve, including making big shapes by kicking and forming rocks of various small shapes. There is no doubt that if the rabbit has cognitive thinking, he can kick the rock with a little effort.

You can kick with the A button. If you need to rotate, just press the B button. The rocks are shaped like Tetris blocks, but they are easy to combine without any problems. Complete the first one for a simple 100G.

Here’s the February list, some of the simplest gamer scores and achievements available from the Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S games released last month. Don’t say we’re not good for you, as this is the simplest gamer score of 1380G and probably the most emphasized on one of these lists so far.

We may or may not be able to exceed that amount next month, but given that we already have some very simple things in line in March, we have the potential to do it. Are all there. Also, let us know in the comments what you think is the simplest achievement you’ve made recently.

February 2021 has provided a ton of easy Xbox Gamerscore and achievements

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