In Japan, Nintendo says there may be a setup error in the newly purchased switch unit

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It’s the holiday season. Japanese people are buying gifts, and there is no doubt that the Nintendo Switch will be a popular gift item. However, it is advisable to check these switch units before giving a gift.

Nintendo Announcement A Japanese customer has reported an error code of 2162-0002 and is unable to complete the initial console setup. If a Japanese customer experiences this issue, Nintendo will promptly replace the defective unit after filling out the online form.

Interestingly, error code 2162-0002 has somehow bothered some switch owners over the past few years. One Redditor, For exampleI remembered in 2017 that the system crashed and needed a replacement unit. Other references to the error I saw online appeared after charging in handheld mode or after checking a friend’s request.

Nintendo of America There is a page with this error code, Select the power option and instruct it to hold down the power button for 3 seconds before rebooting.

Kotaku We asked Nintendo of America for comment on whether there was a new switch setup error similar to that reported in Japan. I will update this article if there are company comments.

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