In Japan, Sony will not launch PlayStation 5 in retail stores

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Japan seems to handle the covid-19 better than any other country, but Sony will not launch the PlayStation 5 in Japanese stores because of concerns about customers and retail workers.

“At this point, [novel] Coronavirus is still a concern and we have no plans to hold events or sell PS5 over-the-counter to protect our customers, retailers, and staff. When it was released. “

This announcement was made to Japanese Playstation blog, Sony adds that customers with pre-orders need to contact the shop on how to receive the console.For those without pre-orders, Sony expects to continue shipping We asked the hardware and customers to check with the retailer for more information about future arrivals.

Finally, Sony sought cooperation and understanding.

In-store promotion and launch line New game hardware for such an event in Japan. Since the early 2000s, I’ve been lining up for new hardware or pouring photos of others attending ceremonies online. But by 2020, this should have happened.Just as Japan was about to declare a state of emergency earlier this year, People in line In the case of Nintendo Switch, both retailers and gaming companies have been criticized for creating a dangerous environment.

When the inevitable PlayStation 5 Slim is released, we can Please take a picture side by side and wait. Things will get better.Things are normal.

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