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Looking out from the southeastern coast of England, you can see France in the distance on a clear day. And now, if you open Pokemon GO at the same time, you may also see French-only Pokemon.

Key worker.

In an era when traveling abroad is not on the agenda, British Pokemon Go players on the South Coast are delighted to stay within the radius of Klefki, the Pokemon of the game’s new French region.

Players from London onwards have already reported traveling to rob some for themselves. Here in Brighton, guide writer Lottie caught him last night, but leader Kate says he scooped up a few people from the immediate vicinity of Seaford while taking a bath last night.

Klefki, the Keyring Pokemon, is one of about 12 new species from the 6th generation of the Kalos region, which debuted at Pokemon Go this week. The area is roughly based in France, so some French-only creatures were expected.

Because Pokémon Go plots geographic areas using a wide set of global coordinates, there is often some overlap in regional Pokémon species. For example, the game’s Africa-only Tropius is always available from the tip of Spain, south of Malaga.

Currently, the Pokémon Go community is working to pinpoint where Klefki is available. Reports from top fan reddit Silph Road are plotted on a joint Klefki map.

Here in the UK, the map shows reports confirmed north to Dover and Tambridge Wells and west to Brighton. In mainland Europe, players from Ghent and Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg are also within a radius, alongside the southern northern border between Monaco and Spain.

A joint Klefki map with confirmed sightings marked in green.

Why did France get Klefki …? Well, who knows. It reminds me of the tiny Eiffel Tower keyrings sold to tourists all over Paris.


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