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December 2, 2019; Seattle, WA; Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (3) scrambles in the first half of Century Linkfield, chased by Minnesota Vikings defensive end Danielle Hunter (99). I will put it on. Seattle defeated Minnesota 37-30. Required Credits: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Rolling out of a miserable bed on Monday from the defeat of the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday-it needs to get better, right?

No, this is not always the case.

However, the fact that Minnesota will play three games in a row at US Bank Stadium is comforting. When fans are at the venue, the Vikings are the NFL’s second-best home team since the glass building opened. Minnesota was 24-9 at home (including playoffs) from 2016 to 2019, following only the New England Patriots in the homefield advantage index presented by fans. The Vikings play three games at home before heading to North Carolina to date the 2-0 Panthers in the sixth week.

And the current task at hand will not be easy. The Vikings will certainly be hosting home cooking soon, but the first travelers to the US Bank Stadium in 2021 were Russell Wilson and his Seattle Seahawks.

The Vikings are “caused” to defeat Seattle and play three games of Seattle for the last three years, 2018, 2019 and 2020. That’s why we ask, “Why do we always play in Seattle?” Asked when the schedule is released every April. The Vikings haven’t played against the Seahawks at home since the 2015 playoffs when Blair Walsh decided the team didn’t have to go to the postseason division rounds.

Good quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers and Deshaun Watson are usually generally Sunday horror. Those players have a very dynamic game plan and must be in the best shape outside the gate.

But Wilson is another animal.

As a Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson’s Seahawks have never lost to the Vikings. They are 7-0. Every year, Minnesota approaches the ultimate deterrence of Pacific birds and is useless.

Therefore, in the face of this season’s 0-3 start barrel, which is nearly impossible for the Super Bowl team to overcome, the Vikings have achieved unprecedented success against them in the quarter. Face back Only Tom Brady’s dominance over the Vikings approaches Wilson’s impeccable feat.

This is an undefeated gangster:

And Wilson still has about 10 years to go on his career. To date, he had no problem conquering the Vikings. What is the only blessing of salvation after Minnesota was slapped to Arizona Calindal in the second week? The game isn’t Seattle, the infamous home of weird horror for the Vikings, as Wilson took over the franchise.

In addition, Seattle was overturned by the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. Wilson and his companions led with a score of 30-16 with 13 minutes remaining. Like the Vikings-but to a more rational degree-the Seahawks suffocated certain victories over Tennessee. So they get angry and desperate to keep pace with the horribly good NFC West division mate set.

If the Vikings want to completely turn around their terrible, depressing start to 2021, this is exactly the place. Defeat the quarterbacks where the team has found a way to beat you seven times in a row.The Viking victory will end two lines – a bizarre series of sorrows for the Bengals and Cardinals in 2021 When Wilson’s hegemony.

The game ends. This is a prerequisite for 2021 Viking Soccer. And the Seahawks are one of my favorite odds makers over Minnesota. You probably haven’t fastened your seat belt, so keep it going. You will need it on Sunday. Also.

Dustin Baker is a political scientist who graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2007.Hello Host a podcast Broadcast every Wednesday with Brian McKinney Round saw When Minneapolis Sally.. His Viking fandom dates back to 1996. The guilty pleasures listed: Peanut Butter Ice Cream, “The Sopranos”, and The Doors (Band).

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In the buffet menu? The most dominant QB they have ever faced. In the buffet menu? The most dominant QB they have ever faced.

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