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The day after he marshalled his troops in the open, Ajinka Rahane The second test at the Melbourne Cricket Ground marked a precious century in the adversity of putting India in command.

The undefeated 104 came as a timely sesame oil after the pain caused by the humiliation in Adelaide last week. With an 82-run lead and five wickets at the end of the second day, India could dream of leveling the series.

And behind the dream is Rahane.

On Saturday, he made all the correct calls as a captain. His boldness and calmness stood out. On Sunday, he made the right shot as a captain. Notable were his bloody, stroke clarity, and fighting stomach.

Not only is this a decisive knock in Rahane’s career, but it could turn out to be one of the best players composed abroad by an Indian batter. Probably not volume yet, but definitely influential. It could potentially shape the match, the series and extend the life of the generation that would have been dismantled if India recreated the encore of Adelaide’s surrender.

With the match imminent, the series on the edge, the generation on the fence, and his own career peaking, Rahane stood up against a top bowling crew.

The more variables you weave, the more shiny his hundred profits.Efforts deserve to be spoken in the same breath Virat KohliHundreds of Twins in Adelaide (2014), or 106 (2018) in Cheteshwar Pujara, Melbourne, or Sulove GangleyBrisbane 144 (2003).Or, if India can adjust the turnaround of the series, it will be as awe-inspiring as Rahul Dravid233 (Adelaide, 2003) was considered the best by Indian batters in Australian soil.

It was invaluable in some respects. This was India’s first inning after surrender in Adelaide. India scored twice as much as it did when it went to the bat in the fall of Shubumangil in the second in Adelaide, but it was 61/2, far from the position of authority. Australian bowlers were on fire and they may have swallowed the rest of the batting company with their anger.

India needed someone to fight fire on ice. Rahane was that man. In his early days, he had a reputation for being a critical man before falling into a period of turmoil. Since his 2018 South Africa tour, he has been a major figure in overseas test matches. Except for the first century against the West Indies, he was barely noticeable. On his last Australian tour, he ran only 217 runs, averaging 31 times. When India was afraid to lose him, he bullied on the verge of being chopped up. Fear now seems unjustified. Rahane is reborn.

Most surprisingly, he did not make India crave or miss Kori. It was a day when India didn’t need Kori. Because they had Rahane. His Batmanship was different from Kori’s, but the courage he exuded was similar to Kori’s. He was ready to fight from the first ball he faced on Sunday to the 200th ball. At any point in the game he did not give up his will to fight.

His calmness to adversity and lower shepherds resembled those of VVS Luxman. Like the Hyderabad virtuoso, he had a peaceful atmosphere. His expression remained the same regardless of whether he was beaten or gained boundaries. His ability to lift batting when stabbed by the captain is reminiscent of Steve Waugh.

In the match, he was far from fluent, but he fought to get out of trouble. He wasn’t always eye-friendly and went through difficult stages of the game. In the end, he cleared the post-Adelaide darkness and passed some milestones. He became the second batter to score 200 points in MCG.

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In the epic MCG century, Rahane stands up and lifts the darkness of Adelaide In the epic MCG century, Rahane stands up and lifts the darkness of Adelaide

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