In the Munsters set photo, Dan Roebuck fits into Grandpa’s casket.

The latest images from the production of Rob Zombie’s The Munsters reveal the structure of Grandpa Münster’s casket.

Dan Robuck has prepared his life to play Grandpa in Rob Zombie's The Munsters.

A few months after it was first announced that Rob Zombie will restart Munstars With the adaptation of the new film, the production of the project started in Budapest. Zombies have been posting a variety of updates and sneak peak images to their fans throughout the process, from building the house to announcing the main cast. The latest image shared by the zombies reveals that Dan Roebuck measures the casket custom-made for Grandpa Münster and that the actor wears a vampire cloak and fits into the casket.

“It’s Monday! It’s time to measure Dan Roebuck For his custom casket. Lily Münster actress Sheri Moon Zombie commented with a bat emoji, and Harman actor Jeff Daniel Phillips wrote, “Like a glove!”

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Dan Robuck is a veteran actor with decades of experience, including frequent collaborations with Rob Zombie.We’ve seen him play different roles, but he recently revealed how he plays The Count, also known as Grandpa Münster. Munstars Is the character he is Prepare his life to play.. Roebuck explained in an interview with Horror nerd life This role represents a perfect moment for him.

“After sinking, I had the inspiration that I was preparing for this role for the rest of my life. I am in this movie because it is the will of God and where he wants to be me. I created the character when I was 12 Rob said the characters in the script were named Count. It’s an interesting vampire. count And when I was 12, I was an interesting vampire named Count … I was preparing my life for this, so I think I’ll do a pretty good job. Jeff, Sheri and I do not play Fred Gwynne, Yvonne de Carlo, Al Luis. We play Harman, Lily, and The Count. This is an easier way for us to get closer to it. ”

With Dan Roebuck Sheri Moon Zombie, And Jeff Daniel Philips, Munstars Richard Brake, the role of mad scientist, is here. These are the only officially confirmed cast members announced by Rob Zombie at this time, but more are imminent as filming is underway and consistent updates are being made by filmmakers. You can guess. We hope to see the names of rumors such as Jorge Garcia, Sylvester McCoy, Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson, who allegedly play a mysterious role.

because Rob Zombie I’m a lifetime fan of the original show to consider Munstars To be the best TV series ever, he obviously takes the production very seriously, and everything he’s seen so far looks great.Also waiting for the release date MunstarsHowever, if the previous report is accurate, the movie will be available for streaming on Peacock with theatrical release.Meanwhile, fans of the classic TV series can see the original version of Munstars To peacock.

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In the Munsters set photo, Dan Roebuck fits into Grandpa’s casket.

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