Inactive World of Warcraft players can return for free from today to the weekend

I don’t know how your circle of friends treats World of Warcraft It’s a patch and Shadowlands expansion plan, but here at Massively OP, some writers are tinkering with playing games, returning, and trying for the first time. Good news for all of them, as Blizzard announced today that it will have a free play event until November 8th. Suppose you initially had an inactive account.

“Shadowlands is just around the corner and you and your peers need to be back on the front lines. This weekend, all players with inactive World of Warcraft accounts will have full access to the game * and no subscriptions. Provides all the characters in. With access to all expansion packs, including Battle for Azeroth, play the latest content and prepare Shadowlands when released on November 23, 2020 at 3:00 pm PST. Get ready to rejoin the guild, rally your friends, and bravely confront them. Return to World of Warcraft for free from November 5th to November 8th. […] If you’re new to World of Warcraft, or if you’re away for a while, you can learn the ropes by playing a new starting experience starting at level 1.

“Players who have already experienced Battle for Zeros and have reached level 50 with at least one character can choose to use a time walking campaign to level subsequent characters with another extension. With this new feature, the content of locations such as North Lend and Pandaria is tailored to the player’s level, allowing you to adventure from level 10 to 50 and experience the stories of these areas at the originally intended pace. Visit Chromie near the Stormwind or Orgrimmar embassy and choose an enhanced leveling experience. If you want to choose another extension to level through, talk to Chromie again. “

Be careful while the event will land you Battle of Azeroth You must buy it even if you can play for free and beyond the free trial level limit Shadowlands Play it at startup. And logically Wow classic Not included in the fun of free play.

Inactive World of Warcraft players can return for free starting today through the weekend

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