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Inattentive Driving Coalition Starts Nationwide Initiatives

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Dozens of safety-conscious organizations have set up a national coalition aimed at reducing the deadly threat of inattentive driving on national highways.

The National Inattentive Driving Coalition, a steering committee of 100 members of the group, said on September 16 that it plans to function as the central information center for local and state safety groups. It sheds light on distracted driving practices such as cell phone conversations and text messages and promotes a national, innovative and collaborative approach to pursuing law.

The Union announced at the 8th Inattentive Driving Summit in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The Union will focus on areas such as distracted driving data collection, technology, education, enforcement and law.

Bruce Lansburg, Vice Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, said: “Other modes of transportation cannot accept the genocide that occurs on the highway.”

NTSB is one of the members of the Steering Committee of the coalition.

Other members of the Steering Committee include the American Truck Association, Highway Safety Insurance Association, Governor Highway Safety Association, National Security Officers Association, Federal Automobile Carrier Safety Administration, and National Highway Traffic Safety Authority. ..

“Distracted driving kills thousands and injures hundreds of thousands of people each year in the United States,” Lansburg said. “Although the states have made some progress in addressing this public health issue, the states that have implemented the NTSB Recommendation requiring a ban on the use of all personal electronics while driving except in emergencies. is not.”

In a statement, the ATA plans to convey the importance of having prevalence data to measure and track problems, and prepares policy and legislative briefing documents to support legislative initiatives. Said.


“We know that ensuring safe driving behavior is the key to improving highway safety. Perhaps there is no more safety action than reducing driver distractions. Probably, “said ATA President Chris Spear. “American truck drivers look at their mobile phones when they drive countless times a day. If the driver is focused on text messages and phone calls, it’s safe to drive. You can see that I’m not focused. “

“When we fund a drunk driving program, we also need to fund a distracted driving program,” added Janet Brooking, executive director of DriveSmart Virginia. “When we enact a strong drunk driving method very easily, we should also be able to proceed with a distracted driving method.”

Jennifer Smith, CEO of, said: However, there is no mention of inattentive driving. “

Smith continued. Is it too difficult? Is it inconvenient? Why aren’t we doing as much as 10 years ago? “

Congressman John Carson (R-Ga.), A member of the Steering Committee, sponsored a “hands-free” mobile phone bill passed in Georgia in 2018.

He recently said he was working with state legislators in Arizona, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Missouri, and Indiana.

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“In addition to state law, what we want to do is change culture,” Carson said. “A few years ago, drunk driving wasn’t as socially taboo as it is today. When it comes to inattentive driving, we want to get here.”

Charlie Claire, a research scientist at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, a member of the coalition, found that the driver’s carelessness, primarily the driver’s eyes away from the road ahead, physically distracted other items. Increased risk said that the types of tasks that could be manipulated were found to be directly related to the crash.

“Therefore, we are very proud to be part of this coalition to support this highly multifaceted approach to reducing road casualties from inattentive driving,” he said.

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Inattentive Driving Coalition Starts Nationwide Initiatives Inattentive Driving Coalition Starts Nationwide Initiatives

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