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Former Indian opener Akash Chopra said that if Indian team management chose to play reshab pants as a wicket keeper in the Melbourne test, the decision to Uridhiman Saha could not be justified.

He made this observation in a video shared on his Facebook page when India was talking about a major change that India might make for the second test.

Aakash Chopra (Image credit: Facebook)

Akash Chopra cannot personally understand the inclusion of Ravindra Jadeya because Hanuma Bihari has not done anything wrong.

Akash Chopra is rumored that India could face five bowlers in the Boxing Day test, where Ravichandran Ashwin was added first and Ravindra Jadeya was added as a second spinner. I talked about.

The famous commentator said that India lost the Adelaide test due to a two-inning hit failure, and the Australians were overly dependent on Steve Smith and Marnus Slavic Chagne because two batters, especially David Warner, were injured. I questioned the change.

“The news that comes in is that Ravindra Jadeya gets a chance and India joins with five bowlers. Your problem is not bowling, so I don’t understand it personally. Hmm. I lost because of the batting, and bowling is going well. “

“You can do it with four bowlers. I agree there is no shami, but you also have to look at the opposition batting. They rely heavily on Marnus Labuschagne and Steve Smith.”

Ravindra Jadeya,
Ravindra Jadeya. Image Credit: Getty Images.

India did the sixth batter, contrary to what certain reports suggest, as Akash Chopra did nothing wrong in the warm-up game and hit 104 undefeated out of 194 balls. I hope to keep Hanuma Bihari as.

“I say India should play six suitable batters and Hanuma Bihari should definitely play, but it comes from sources that Jadeya plays and Hanuma Bihari goes out. I will. “

Akash Chopra inferred that Andorra’s batter Hanuma Bihari had performed properly in limited opportunities.

“No one knows what Hanuma Bihari made a mistake. He’s been okay for some time now. He scored 50 points in New Zealand and a century in warm-up games, so his figure is very big. It’s not bad for you. “

Ravindra Jadeya performed 49 tests, averaging 35 on the bat and 24 on the ball, while Hanuma Bihari averaged 33.88 on the bat and 36 on the ball in 10 tests. I only received the wicket 5 times.

Akash Chopra’s view on reshab pants to replace Uridhiman Saha

Akash Chopra feels that Uridhiman Saha isn’t doing too bad about the benefits of being dropped from XI for the second test.
Observed by Akash Chopra Reshab pants It may replace him to strengthen India’s batting lineup. He emphasized that Virat Kohli was absent on his return and that if India chose to choose five bowlers, it might need to include a southpaw.

“Uridhimansaha will come out and reshab pants will be brought in. Maybe it’s because Kori is gone and he needs a little more cushioning for batting and he’s thinking about playing with five batters, excluding bihari. , The sixth batter who is the keeper should be a better batter. “

Akash Chopra asked what the team’s management could explain to Uridhiman Saha if he had to give way to Richab Pants.

“There, I play Reshab Pants. But what do you say to Urid Himan Saha?”

Reshab pants
Reshab pants. Image credit: Twitter

Akash Chopra is making major changes for the Melbourne test India suggests they are on their hind legs after the team’s first test blunder with a record low test score of 36 I concluded that it may be.

“If you make so many changes after a match, it only shows that you pressed the panic button,” said Aakash Chopra.

It may be a bit unfair to wicket keeper Urid Himansaha, but the Indian team should go with reshab pants as a wicket keeper for the second border Gabaskull trophy test. Insufficient batting in India in the Adelaide test became a major concern Virat Kohli Also not available, all possible efforts will have to be made to strengthen India’s striking efforts in future tests.

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Inclusion of reshab pants does not justify the omission of Uridhimansaha: Aakash Chopra Inclusion of reshab pants does not justify the omission of Uridhimansaha: Aakash Chopra

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