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Increased cases, hospitalizations and deaths

NS Calculated risk above December 3, 2021 4:00 pm

According to the CDC vaccination.. Total dose administered: 466,348,132.

COVID metrics
today week
in front
Complete vaccination rate 59.7% ≥ 70.0%1
Complete vaccination (millions) 198.2 ≥2321
New case per day3🚩 96,425 87,986 ≤ 5,0002
hospitalization3🚩 48,610 44,689 ≤ 3,0002
Number of deaths per day3🚩 975 893 ≤ 502
1 Minimum value to achieve “herd immunity” (estimated between 70% and 85%).
2My goal to stop posting every day,
37-day average of cases, currently hospitalized, and death
🚩 Weekly 7-day average increase in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths

✅ The goal has been achieved.

important: For “herd immunity”, most experts believe that 70% to 85% of the total population fully vaccinated (or already infected with COVID) is needed. Note: COVID probably remains endemic (at least for some time).

KUDOS To the inhabitants of the five states that have Achieved 70% of Total vaccinated population: Vermont 73.2%, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts 71.6%.

KUDOS Also to residents of 16 states and DC Achieved 60% of Total vaccinated population: New York 68.8%, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington, Virginia, New Hampshire, Oregon, District of Columbia, New Mexico, Colorado, California, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii 61.4%.

The next 19 states 50% to 59.9% are fully vaccinated: Wisconsin 59.8%, Nebraska, Iowa, Utah, Missouri, Texas, Kansas, Arizona, Nevada, South Dakota, North Carolina, Alaska, Ohio, Kentucky, Montana, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Missouri, Indiana 50.8%.

Next are Georgia at 49.8%, Tennessee at 49.7%, University of Arkansas at 49.6%, Louisiana at 49.0%, and North Dakota at 49.0%.

Click on the graph to see a larger image.

This graph shows the 1st (column) and 7th average (line) of the reported positive tests.

Increased cases, hospitalizations and deaths Increased cases, hospitalizations and deaths

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