India added 14,623 fresh Covid cases, 197 deaths in one day, Health News, ET Health World

New Delhi: India reported 14,623 fresh Covid cases on Wednesday, 12% higher than Tuesday, recording 197 deaths in the last 24 hours. Union Ministry of Health data.

With 197 new deaths, the total death toll has increased to 4,52,651.

NS recovery Of the 19,446 patients over the last 24 hours, the cumulative total of recovered patients has increased to 3,34,78,247.

As a result, India’s recovery rate was 98.15%, the highest peak since March 2020.

Active case load is below the 2 rack mark and is currently 1,78,098, the lowest in 229 days. Currently infected (number) It currently accounts for 0.52 percent of all positive cases in the country.

Examination capabilities nationwide continue to expand. A total of 13,23,702 tests have been performed in the last 24 hours. India has conducted cumulative tests of over Rs 5.944 billion so far.

Although testing capabilities have been strengthened nationwide, the weekly positive rate of 1.34 percent has remained less than 3 percent in the last 117 days. NS Daily positive rate It is 1.10%, less than 3% for the past 51 days, and now less than 5% for 134 consecutive days.

Covid, India, with 41,36,142 vaccinations in the last 24 hours vaccination Until Wednesday 7am, coverage exceeded 99.12 chlores, according to a preliminary report. This was achieved through 97,99,506 sessions.

According to the data shared by Ministry of Public HealthA balance of more than 10.78 cr and an unused vaccine dose is still available in the state / UT in which it is administered.

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