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India has about 60,000 babies with the highest number of babies born on New Year’s Day: UNICEF

United Nations: More than 371,500 babies were born worldwide new YearDay and India According to the United Nations Children’s Department, the highest number of births is estimated at about 60,000.

UNICEF An estimated 371,504 babies were born on New Year’s Day worldwide. Fiji in the Pacific was predicted to have its first baby in 2021. America Welcome the end.

Globally, it is estimated that more than half of these births occurred in 10 countries: India (59,995), China (35,615), Nigeria (21,439), Pakistan (14,161), Indonesia (12,336), Ethiopia (12,006), United States (10,312), Egypt (9,455), Bangladesh (9,236) and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (8,640), it said.

According to UN agencies, a total of an estimated 140 million children will be born in 2021 with an average life expectancy of 84 years.

UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore said, “Children born today will enter a world that is very different from what it was a year ago, and the New Year will bring new opportunities to rethink it,” making 2021 fairer. I called on each country to make it the year to start. , A safer and healthier world for children.

2021 will also be UNICEF’s 75th anniversary. UNICEF and its partners celebrate the anniversary with events and announcements celebrating the three-quarters century that protect children from conflict, illness and exclusion, and defend their right to survival, health and education throughout the year.

“Today, the world is facing a global epidemic, economic slowdown, growing poverty and growing inequality, so the need for UNICEF’s work is greater than ever,” said Fore. I will.

“For the past 75 years, in conflicts, evacuation, natural disasters and crises, UNICEF has existed for children around the world. As the beginning of the new year, we protect children and claim their rights. And no matter where I live, I can always hear their voices. ”

In response to the global pandemic, UNICEF has launched the Reimagine campaign, a global effort to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic from becoming a permanent crisis for children.

Through the campaign, UNICEF is urgently calling on governments, the general public, donors and the private sector to join UNICEF with the aim of responding to, recovering and rethinking the better post-pandemic world.

In estimation, UNICEF used vital statistics and nationally representative household survey data to estimate the monthly and daily fertility rates of each country.

UNICEF used the annual life expectancy and life expectancy from the latest revision of the United Nations World Population Outlook (2019) to estimate life expectancy for babies born on January 1, 2021 and their cohorts.

India has about 60,000 babies with the highest number of babies born on New Year’s Day: UNICEF India has about 60,000 babies with the highest number of babies born on New Year’s Day: UNICEF

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