“India needs to design its own model of a cost-effective, high-quality healthcare ecosystem,” Health News, ET HealthWorld.

New Delhi, you can study best practices around the world India We need to focus on designing our own models to establish a cost-effective and high-quality healthcare ecosystem. Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya I said on Thursday.

He made a speech here at a roundtable with a prestigious corporate hospital, emphasizing the need to strengthen the hospital’s approach to co-provide high-quality medical services to the country’s worthy population.

He also emphasized that the various challenges raised by the hospital can be resolved through the joint efforts of the government and stakeholders.

“We need to make health accessible, affordable and patient-friendly,” said Mandavia, emphasizing the hospital’s contribution to the successful implementation of public health programs. ..

He also considered the need to strengthen the hospital’s approach to jointly provide high quality medical services. industry Full support for the realization of the Prime Minister’s vision Universal insurance..

Union Health Minister Rajes BoushanAlso attending the event, said: “During the transition phase, various hurdles can arise that are resolved during the journey. To achieve the same, regular feedback from all stakeholders is a top priority. The government wants to stabilize the system. “

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