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Legendary Indian batter Sachin Tendulkar recently justified India to skit out with a total of 36 tests, the lowest ever, as the team felt out of luck on the third day of Adelaide’s pitch. did.

A veteran cricketer said the batters he visited had lost luck as Australia blocked the match with eight wickets in two innings of the pink ball test against Australia last week in Adelaide.

Sachin Tendulkar. Image Credit: Getty Images.

Sachin Tendulkar: India has dealt with the pressure situation before but was unlucky in the second inning

In an interview with IANS, Sachin Tendulkar said Indian batters weren’t under pressure in the first two innings of the test. That was why India had quite a few experienced activists in their batting lineup that previously dealt with high pressure situations.

“They have dealt with the pressure situation. All players have played well, except for Prithvi, and perhaps Mayank. Virat [Kohli], Ajinka [Rahane], Cheteshwar [Pujara] And [Wriddhiman] Saha was around while Hanuma Bihari wasn’t playing much compared to these guys. That’s why players have the ability to absorb that pressure and did their best, “said Sachin Tendulkar.

Josh Hazelwood.
Josh Hazelwood. Image Credit: Getty Images.

He added that there was no luck on the Indian side. Sachin Tendulkar Thanks to the solidified third day pitch, the ball nicked from the outer edge and explained that it was reaching the fielder at the right height.

“But sometimes you also need luck to be on your side. And, as I said, there weren’t many opportunities for the batter to be beaten and continue to hit without losing the ticket gate. It didn’t happen.

“Edge went straight to the fielder and they were carrying. In the first inning, there were some edges, but the ball was not carried to the fielder. I remember the ball didn’t carry at least three times. In two innings, the ticket gates became stiffer, with more pace and bounce on the surface, “Sachin Tendulkar inferred.

India was bundled with only 36, as no batter recorded a two-digit number in the second inning. India had the upper hand with 53 runs and 1 inning lead, but lost its advantage as Australia chased 90 and won. Josh Hazelwood chose 5 wickets and Pat Cummins chose 4 scalps.

Sachin Tendulkar: Taking a good step can help batters like Prithvi Shaw who failed miserably

Prithvi Shaw was fired 0 and 4 in the first pink ball test against Australia. Six of the nine batters fired in the second inning edged the ball, lagging behind as India scored the lowest test score.

In particular, the dismissal in both innings of the 21-year-old Opening Plitobi Show was the same as the ball sneaking through the gap between the bat and the pad and being castled at both times. Sachin Tendulkar commented that batters would work well with more decisive footwork. A 47-year-old woman explained that the larger the forward stride, the narrower the gap between the bat and the pad.

Plitobi show
Prithvi Shaw (Photo courtesy of Getty Images).

“If you move forward while defending, your hands will come closer to your body. If your stride is not stretched forward, your hands will tend to move away from your body and towards the ball. Taking a good step will help many players. I would say I can, “said the legend.

India will return to victory in the remaining three test matches in Melbourne (December 26-30), Sydney (January 7-11) and Brisbane (January 15-19). Try to fix it by implementing the change.India is probably KL Rahul, Shubman Gill, Rishabh Pant, Ravindra Jadeja, and Mohammed Shami For the second Melbourne test.

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Indian batter was unlucky on the third day pitch in Adelaide: Sachin Tendulkar Indian batter was unlucky on the third day pitch in Adelaide: Sachin Tendulkar

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