Infantino says FIFA has a majority support for the biennial World Cup as Wenger questions the “fear” of Footba. – Soccer Sports

Gianni Infantino believes that FIFA currently has a majority of support from national associations for its plans to host a World Cup tournament every two years.

The FIFA President made the verdict at the World Summit of the World Governing Body on Monday. According to a FIFA Commission investigation, the game will receive significant financial backing if the plan is approved.

The overall increase in the first four-year cycle of the new international calendar is claimed to reach $ 4.4 billion, which is claimed to rise to $ 6.6 billion if each coalition switches regional competition every other year.

Currently, the Men’s and Women’s World Cup is held every four years, but dramatic changes can occur.

“Not only is it feasible from a sports perspective, but the financial benefits are also very high,” says Infantino. “It means we can invest and reinvest more money in football development around the world.

“This is a very important project to bridge the gap between those who have and those who don’t. At the end of the day, everyone will benefit. Everyone can play. It will be more sexual and more profitable. “

UEFA and CONMEBOL, strong European and South American federations, have refused to support FIFA’s plans, but with support from Asia, Africa, North and Central America, and the CONCACAF region, which covers the Caribbean Sea. I have.

A study showing that solidarity funding for each of 211 national associations will increase from $ 6 million to “potentially” $ 25 million in the first four years of the biennial World Cup era. Was announced.

“If I vote tomorrow, the majority will probably agree with the World Cup every two years,” Infantino said in a press conference.

He did not say at this stage when such a vote would take place.

Part of FIFA’s plans are being driven by Arsene Wenger, a former Arsenal manager, now head of global development and Infantino’s right-hand man on this issue.

Wenger said there was “fear” in the football facility about the proposal and called for it to be expelled.

“We are facing the opposite,” Wanger said. “But what I regret is that 90% of the opposite is emotional, not factual, not analytical. And most of the emotions we face are based on fear. So we have to overcome this fear: the fear of losing control of your own competition. There is a demand from young fans. There is a need for meaningful events in society.

“If we don’t create them, another sport will create them. We have the opportunity to give countries the opportunity to improve and I think it’s worth fighting for it. That decision. It is 211 countries that make the decision. We accept that decision. “

Infantino, who shares the stage with Wenger, also said he had encountered “a lot of opposition,” but he also said “a lot of support.”

“FIFA is a global organization, so we need to combine these perspectives,” said the FIFA President.

Europe’s big money league has expressed strong opposition to the prospect that international football will be bigger on the calendar, raising concerns about player burnout by many top managers.

Infantino was intrigued to ease concerns that the Olympics could be affected by pointing out that the Olympics would be held every two years, a winter and summer edition. ..

Among them, the Summer Olympics have an overwhelmingly large audience, and the possibility of clashing with international football in its multi-sports showcase is unwelcome.

Infantino emphasized that FIFA is confident that the World Cup will be more attractive, even if tournaments are held frequently in the future. Men’s tournaments have been held every four years since 1930, with the exception of World War II in 1942 and 1946.

“The prestige of a tournament like the World Cup will not be compromised by playing more often,” said the FIFA chief.

– Soccer Sports

Infantino says FIFA has a majority support for the biennial World Cup as Wenger questions the “fear” of Footba. Infantino says FIFA has a majority support for the biennial World Cup as Wenger questions the “fear” of Footba.

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