Information about the new Silent Hill deleted by an anonymous third party

We know that Team Silent is silent and not Konami … so who left?

Gamers have been scrutinizing the internet in search of more Silent Hill news as the new Silent Hill game could be teased from last week. If you’re looking as hard as I am, you don’t have to look anymore. The video containing the clip that veteran Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka says has a big announcement in the summer has been removed.

The original clip, first published on Al Hub’s YouTube channel, showed the interviewer asking Yamaoka about upcoming projects. “Roughly speaking, I think something will be announced this summer. That’s what you want to hear,” said Yamaoka.

Alhab has issued several statements regarding the new Silent Hill game that Yamaoka was allegedly talking about. Alhab tweeted when the video was deleted last Friday. “Thanks to your support for helping spread the interview with Akira Yamaoka around the world yesterday. I was asked to remove the clip, but it was removed. Sorry, the following Please look forward to the interview. “

The next day, it was not Konami who requested the deletion of the video on Twitter, but confirmed to a third party that it could not be disclosed. Many fans speculate in the comments on the tweet who requested the removal of the video.

The current practice theory is that Sony has submitted a deletion. Obviously nothing has been confirmed, but Alhab definitely contributed to the rumored factory in this tweet:

For those who don’t have the translation browser extension, the original tweet from Saudi Gamer says: “

(Obviously Google Translate isn’t perfect, but you understand the idea!)

At this time, it’s unclear who requested the removal of the video, except that Konami doesn’t seem to be involved. Alhab seems to imply that Sony is the culprit, but remains unknown until officially confirmed.

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