Initial 2: New Stage and Suan Yuan Sword Bundle Now Available on Xbox One

Two great games in one pack! Initial 2: New Stage is a popular fast-paced hack and slash action RPG. Play the captain of a Rudex soldier and fight side by side with two other companions to uncover the mysterious secrets hidden in both sides for 10 years. The game contains a story of 10 chapters and is fully voiced in English and Japanese. Japanese dubbing is led by Rie Kugimiya and Maaya Uchida. The English dubbing is led by Kira Buckland (NieR: Automata, 2B) and Christine Marie Cabanos (Dead or Alive, Marie Rose). Game music is made by Cyber ​​Joker (Japan) and Strawberry HilMusic (USA). They worked together to bring in dozens of background music, inviting renowned music producers Kevin Penkin and Rajiramaya to play three songs sung by Mika Kobayashi, Emi Evans (NieR: Automata theme singer), and Christina Vie. Brought. Xuan Yuan Sword: The Gate of Firmament: Xuan Yuan Sword is a famous Chinese martial arts RPG franchise since 1990. GateofFirmament tells a story from ancient times to find his beloved missing daughter. The Gate of Heaven, allowing a direct connection between Heaven and Earth. This was done so that a fine mortal could appeal to Jade Emperor, gain divine power, and help find his missing daughter. However, this gift was abused and exploited, causing confusion in the human realm. The Ninelie worshiped the devil, became an occult practice cult, and divorced them from the mortal realm of business. Evil forces suddenly broke out, causing wars across the continent and blaming people for a life of horror and suffering. Emperor Akira was afraid that the devil, Yuu Hagi, would once again destroy the human realm. Limited by his own abilities, he once sought the help of the Queen of Huaxu, who helped the Yellow Emperor’s Gengen drive away the alien world with Don Juan’s bell. Fuxi and Nüwa (the children of Queen Hua Chun) also supported Emperor Fuxi to persuade the Queen. In the end, the Gate to Heaven was finally sealed, combining the power of God’s relics. Since then, the mortal has not been able to ascend, nor has the gods been able to descend at will. The incident was later recorded in history as Jedi Tianton.

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Initial 2: New Stage & Xuan Yuan Sword Bundle Is Now Available For Xbox One

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