Inside is today’s free games from the Epic Store

I like Inside very much. Playdead’s creepy 2D platformer about a little kid running away from something is gorgeous, dark, and very weird, and yes, it leaves many questions unanswered at the end (really all) (Question), but it’s not too difficult to prevent everyone (like me) from getting it done from start to finish, I’ve noticed that it’s completely crazy. Also, I chose it as the best short form game of 2016, so it’s not completely wrong, right?

If you haven’t sampled that strangeness yet, it’s a new daily giveaway at the Epic Games Store, so now’s your chance to fix that oversight. You will receive it by 11:00 am on December 25th. If you hook it in a timely manner, you can complete it by then. It’s easy to put everything together in 5 hours. so.

Epic’s daily game gifts will run until January 1st. According to a recently leaked list, tomorrow’s free game is Darkest Dungeon, which is certainly an interesting option for Christmas day, and as far as I know, Darkest Dungeon isn’t, so it’s doubly interesting and actually still an epic. Available in the store. Still, the list is currently an 8 to 8 pick, so I’m not going to oppose it.

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