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Inspection of corn and sorghum is done weekly


Inspection of corn and sorghum is done weekly

Export inspection of old crop corn for the week through June 10 according to USDAth It keeps moving at a fast pace while new wheat crop inspections are off to a slow start.The 2021/22 marketing year for wheat began on June 1stst, 2021, start September 1, 2020/21st, 2020 for corn, sorghum and soybeans. USDA’s next supply and demand estimate is July 12thth..

Wheat fell 13,297 tonnes from the week leading up to June 3, to 480,341 tonnes.rd From the week until June 11th 83,721th, 2020. The main destinations were the Philippines and Nigeria. At the beginning of the 2021/22 marketing year, wheat inspections are 673,329 tonnes, compared to 799,558 in 2020/21.

Reported corn volume was 1,544,031 tonnes, an increase of 117,186 tonnes from the previous week and 622,382 tonnes from this time last year. The top destinations were China and Japan. The final quarter corn inspection for the 2020/21 marketing year was 53,968,067 tonnes, compared to 30,797,777 in 2019/20.

Soybeans are fixed at 128,092 tonnes, 111,292 lower than last week and 307,377 lower than a year ago. The main destinations were Mexico and Japan. So far, this year’s soybean inspection was 56,806,815 tonnes and last year it was 36,234,175 tonnes.

The total amount of sorghum is 151,716 tons, 89,132 more than the previous week, but 70,953 less than last year. The biggest destination was China, followed by Madagascar. The 2020/21 sorghum test was 6,417,930 tonnes, compared to 2019/20’s 3,741,840 tonnes.

Inspection of corn and sorghum is done weekly Inspection of corn and sorghum is done weekly

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