Inspirational quotes and sayings of Pope John Paul I

Pope John Paul I He was one of the first popes in the history of the church to choose two names instead of one, again in commemoration of his predecessor.pope John Paul, named Albino Luciani, was born on October 17, 1912. His Pope is one of the shortest in history, ending in 1978 in just 33 days.

His rule was generous for the little ones, but refused to even be crowned. Pope John Paul I was named “Smiling Pope”. This is because he often smiled in public, offsetting his generous personality. Like the Pope before him, he was also born in a humble and poor family.

Due to his amazing efforts, he was appointed priest in 1935 and taught many subjects such as moral theology, sacred art, and canon law. Some of his famous works included the publication of his creative work “The Illustrissimi”.

Motivational life quotes and sayings by Pope John Paul I

1. “When the compliment is paid, I must compare myself to the little donkey who brought Christ to Palm Sunday, and I tell myself. I heard the applause of the crowd. How cheerful he would have been if the little creature became proud and began to give thanks to the left and right like a prima donna. Don’t act the same! “

2. “In the first place, homosexuality has nothing to do with pedophilia. One is sexual orientation and the other is paraphilia. However, most cases of pedophilia are associated with incest. So we have to consider the problem. If our purpose is to prevent pedophilia in adoptive marriage, the only logical action is that only homosexuals adopt children of the opposite sex. Allowing marriage. This will reduce incest to zero. If a homosexual couple allows a child to be adopted, the child will be at risk. “

3. “If someone told me I would be the Pope someday, I would have studied harder.”

4. “The church, for example, applied Rothmini’s invitation to hold a valuable liturgical celebration, dressed up by agrarian societies and visionary civilizations, sometimes from the original and satirical attire of God. I want to get rid of the concept. That. But it’s a tough job. On the right side, every time an old ritual is abandoned for a new ritual, they shout disrespect and sacrifice. On the left side, that Conversely, novelties are indiscriminately welcomed for novelties, the entire building of the past is cheerfully dismantled, paintings and statues are sent to the rooftops. Illusion worship and mythology are ubiquitous and divine dignity. It is even said that in order to protect, God must speak only in the most carefully selected words, otherwise there must be silence in practice. “

5. “My beloved Peggy, but it would be wrong to wait for a continuous postponement. Those who go on the later path will never end up than go on the path. I will make my life an eternal waiting room. I know some people who seem to be changing to. Trains come and go, they say. I confess on the bed of death! “Visconti-Venosta said of” Hero Anselmo ” I am.

One day passes and another day passes, but the main character, Anselmo, never returns.

There is the opposite here. Anselmo who never leaves. “

6. “Christians should be characterized by an effort to see things in the best light. If it is true that the word Evangelos means good news, then Christians mean happy people, the spread of happiness. “Severe face”, “St. Philippo Neri once said” “Not made for a cheerful house in paradise!”

7. “Because we love ourselves so much, we naturally expand our strengths, downplay our sins, and judge others on a different basis than that used to judge ourselves. You will be guided to. Expanded benefits? They are explained by your fellow writer Trilussa:

Vainglory’s little snail crawling up the obelisk saw its slimy road and said: I will leave my mark in history.

This is how we are, dear Twain. Even the slightest slime brags us and gives us a swollen head because it’s ours and it’s ours! “

Pope John Paul I quote

8. “They call it” young music “. But the record industry turns out to make millions of dollars in heavy luggage for the astute elderly. They evoke names of spontaneity, incompatibility, and originality. In fact, the nifty “clothing businessman” operates the field, an undisturbed sovereign! They call themselves revolutionaries, but paying close attention to their hair and clothing risks just producing an effect. “

9. “The other day, a fifth grade girl put me in a messy place by saying:” Jesus created seven sacraments, only six of which are available to women. Is it just? ”She clearly referred to a sacred order that, according to eternal tradition, is only allowed for men. What can you answer? After looking around, I said: “In this classroom you can see boys and girls. Your boy can ask:” Who is the father of Jesus among the men in the world? “Boys’ answer:” No, St. Joseph estimates “But you are a girl.” — I continued — “You can ask:” Was one of us the mother of Jesus? “And the answer is” Yes. “is. Then I said. “You are right, but think about this. If a woman cannot be a pope, bishop, or priest, this is compensated more than a thousand times by a sacred motherhood that exceptionally respects both women and motherhood. Masu. “My little protester seemed convinced. “

10. “Put down the book and I said,” Listen. I rebel when I think God sent the Son to us. Each of us is one of us. Notices that he has a miserable little piece of truth in his hand, and that each piece is in a different, blind male situation. We only by analogy with the truth of faith. I know, yes. But I’m blind to this extent, no! It seems to me that it doesn’t deserve both God and our reason! “This unexpected theology based on the elephant’s tail and back. Couldn’t completely convince my guest, but it shook him and said, “Well, no one has ever told me this!”

Pope John Paul II will see you tomorrow if God wants it
Pope John Paul II will see you tomorrow if God wants it

11. “The Republic of Venice boasted that it was able to know all the events of the Mediterranean in three months. The moment the astronauts landed on the moon, they were astronauts from a few feet away. Unfortunately, the news almost overwhelms us with its frequency and abundance. We have no time to look back. We are constantly surprised, gradually lose the ability to be amazed, and even beautiful. I’m not enjoying it either. “

12. “They say:’We are all lame in the face of the truth. Once upon a time there was an authoritative teaching in the church. Now we are all asking. This is in faith. It’s an era of pluralism. But faith is not a pluralist. Sound pluralism may be allowed in theology, rituals, and other things, but never in faith. God reveals the truth. Once established, the answer is yes. For all, for all ages, without doubt or hesitation, with conviction and courage, and the truth of faith is conscience. The idea that it is only a momentary expression of church life must be rejected by all forces. These truths are those in a new formula that better understands them and is better suited to a newer era. Is always valid, even if it is always possible to express. “

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