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Instagram exposes new features to help prevent cyberbullying

Social media platforms are stepping up efforts to help trample harassment and other abuses

Instagram has announced a new tool to help combat cyberbullying and other fraudulent activities on the platform. This is a filter that prevents users from seeing malicious direct messages (DM) and a tool that prevents someone who you block from contacting them from another account.

“I understand the impact of abusive content on people, such as racists, sexists, homophobia, or other types of abuse. You don’t have to experience it on Instagram. The fight against abuse is a complex challenge and there is no single step we can take to eliminate it altogether, “said Instagram. Blog post Introducing the tool. surely, Cyberbullying It has become a persistent problem on social media, and victims Children To grown up..

To protect your privacy, Facebook-owned social media networks do not actively monitor your DM like other published content on the platform. Instead, we are debuting a tool that excludes malicious messages.

“Therefore, when you turn it on, you don’t need to see it because we’re introducing a new tool that automatically filters DM requests that contain offensive words, phrases, and emoji. This tool focuses on DM. Masu requestBecause this is usually where people receive abusive messages. It’s different from a regular DM inbox that receives messages from friends, “explained a popular social network.

This new feature is the same as the comment filtering system introduced earlier. This allows users to hide malicious or offensive comments, or set a word filter to hide comments that contain flagged terms. Both DM filter and comment filter[隠し単語]Of the section[プライバシー設定]You can set from.

Instagram users have the option of setting up a custom list of words depending on what they consider offensive, but the company also works with several major anti-bullying and anti-discrimination organizations to predefine offensive words. I have created a list of. The important thing is that Instagram doesn’t recognize the content of the message because the filtering is done natively on the device. However, users have the option of reporting offensive behavior.

While users were able to block accounts for people who were already harassing them, Instagram is also introducing a new tool that can also block new accounts that criminals create to keep their riots going. I will.

“This is ours Harassment policy, Already prohibits repeated contact with people who do not want to be contacted. We also do not allow recidivism. That is, if someone’s account is disabled due to a rule violation, we will delete the new account created by that account whenever we notice it, “said the platform.

Both tools need to be exposed to users in the coming months, but social media companies acknowledge that there’s more to do and work with organizations, experts and teens to eliminate abuse. I promised to do it.

Instagram exposes new features to help prevent cyberbullying Instagram exposes new features to help prevent cyberbullying

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