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Fort Lauderdale, Florida — Inter Miami has finally been defeated, but the team continues to run without victory.

A 1-1 draw at home with the Philadelphia Union stopped Inter Miami’s consecutive defeats in six games on Sunday night, but the last-placed South Florida side won the last seven games. Could not be accommodated. Inter Miami struggled to reunite with a victory at Drv Pnk Stadium, but a slow equalizer from Union popped Heron’s bubble, forcing them to share their loot.

“It hurts,” said Phil Neville, head coach of Inter Miami. “It hurts when you’re so close and you reach that point you think.” Is this a turning point? Is this what we are trying to get 3 points? “… It felt like it was torn from us, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. I know it will be a long way. “

The end result wasn’t what you wanted, but there were some good things to get rid of from the game. This was good, so let’s start with performance — many Better than the disaster that happened a few days ago with the New England Revolution vs. 5-0 beating.

Not only did Inter Miami make improved efforts to allow the team to compete, but even Gonzalo Higuain sometimes returned to deeper places in an attempt to put pressure on it, a rare sight. Partly due to the technical and smooth presence of Federico Higuaín, they knit some excellent attack sequences from back to front, avoiding Route 1 play, which is common this year.

Still, that wasn’t enough. For all the good play that Inter Miami occasionally offered, the side was still struggling to both create clear scoring opportunities and be efficient with what it had. Union third-string goalkeeper Matt Freese, despite making five saves, wasn’t overtested and didn’t have to make many big stops.

Lack of punch in the last third was a big problem throughout 2021. As a result, Inter Miami scored the bottom 10 goals of the league this year. It also turned out to be costly because the union was always within reach. ..

Solving the ongoing dilemma in the last third is absolutely paramount to Inter Miami’s chances of not only ending this non-winning skid, but also having a shot to push the playoff spot. is. It also helps rekindle the fan base, which appears to be indifferent due to lack of results.

Sometimes it may be a solution to take more risk by throwing more numbers forward, or it may be necessary to change the tactical approach to try and play in the middle. Perhaps the answer is to take the opportunity to find a way to be more calm, calm and clinical.

In any case, Inter Miami has a lot to deal with. This draw was a move in the right direction, but it was a tiny one.

“It’s a baby step,” Neville said. “It’s the foundation for getting started, but it’s just the beginning.”

Gregory shines in his first game as captain between Miami

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One of the biggest issues from the Sunday showdown was that Gregore was appointed captain of the game. The development was noteworthy because the midfielder wasn’t one of the four players Neville mysteriously chose to share an armband earlier this year.

There were two reasons for the decision. First, after Wednesday’s horrific exhibition, he realized that his unorthodox approach of changing captain missions was causing confusion. Second, the humble yet tenacious Gregore embodies everything Neville wants from a team leader.

“Gregore is (and) an extension of me on the field and is the way we want our football team to play,” Neville said. “He’s an extension of the values ​​I want this football club to have. His passion, his quality, his never-dying attitude, how he talks to people, get everyone to do it well. His commitment to want. “

“I’m responsible for the 4-captain model,” Neville added. “I told the player the other day that I thought it wasn’t working. I think there was some uncertainty about who was leading it. I said Gregore would be the captain. He’s on the great side tonight. I thought I was the captain. “

Not only was Gregore a good captain, he also performed impressively. The 27-year-old Brazilian used the machine for 90 minutes in his first 22-day match, running non-stop across the field, showing the ball, moving quickly and accurately, actively marking and showing his presence. rice field. He was a soldier there, so it’s probably appropriate for him to wear a new Inter-Miami military camouflage top during the post-match presser.

If there is one criticism of his outing, it just lost enough concentration in an immediate lead-up to the equalizer in the 85th minute due to his failure to track Quinn Sullivan. It was that. Still, Gregore shined brightly in his first match as Inter Miami captain with an inspirational play that emphasized his commitment, effort and quality.

“It’s very important to me,” Gregore said of being nominated as captain in Portuguese. “It was the coach’s decision to give me more responsibility in this group. Thank you for your confidence as there are big players here. I like that responsibility and Inter Miami has a great season. I want to repay the confidence that he has given me a lot of fighting and effort to help. “

Robinson looks good on the left

Another player who impressed the union was Robbie Robinson.

Robinson not only won the opener in the smart run in the second half, but also showed other good things on the left side. He was the night’s biggest scoring threat, a constant outlet, dangerous due to the combination of speed and motivation to dribble and go to the defender, and worked defensively,

Robinson also launched the attack at the right time, with 71 minutes of effort as Neville was preparing to replace the 22-year-old attacker.

Robinson still has plenty of room to grow, especially in terms of being more efficient — he missed the other two decent looks — and develops his left foot. Like Gonzalo Higuain’s first half hitting a great float pass in the penalty area, he relies on his rights so often that he makes his move a little more predictable and sacrifices his chances of scoring. You must to do something before you go on. Retreat instead of forward.

That said, Robinson is backing the Inter Miami attack. After recovering from the hamstring problems that plagued him at the beginning of the season and finding ways to influence him, he became healthy again.

“To be honest, I felt great (to score). It’s even better to be able to leave the field in good health,” Robinson said. “I think it’s very important. My rehabilitation and doing everything right felt like a long journey to get to this. It wasn’t that long. Maybe a couple of months absent. It was, but I’m happy to be back and contributing to the team. I think I’ll have a good time from now on. “

Inter Miami Player Ratings

Nick Marsman (6) — I didn’t get enough crosses to connect to the equalizer, but otherwise the goal was solid and his distribution was great.

Jorge Figal (7) — Total turnaround from Wednesday. He was very defensive and moved forward to put pressure on him and helped create some great sequences in his pass.

Ryan Shawcross (6) — Quietly and firmly behind you, without being overly involved in the buildup, and finish the game with just 23 touches.

Leandro Gonzalez Pirez (7.5) — Good predictions of play, extinguishing the fire, combining short and long balls, passing almost perfectly, ending with the highest 97% accuracy rate of any starter on the team.

Kieran Gibbs (5.5) — 51 minutes from the first start, he held up defensively and moved forward without much threat, before he came off due to apparent fatigue.

Victor Ulloa (6.5) — Another professional performance in which he worked by moving the ball well and being defensively sound and disciplined.

Gregore (7.5) — In his first game as captain, there were non-stop machines on either side of the ball. Only a few were his slow revocation of concentration, which proved to be costly.

Lewis Morgan (4.5) — There were some good moments in the first half, but most of them remained frustrating and quiet as it was a night that didn’t work for him.

Federico Higuain (5.5) — Moved the ball quickly in the middle, helping to stitch together some great attack sequences without being too dangerous.

Robbie Robinson (6.5) — His wise plunge into space was the key to his scoring, and he gave the union a headache with speed and aggression. But he should have done better with the other two chances.

Gonzalo Higuain (6) — Showed more effort on the defensive side, passed very well, provided quality assistance and another good looking pass.

Breakfast Shay (6.5) — It was more dangerous to move forward from the left backspot after playing a role in the opener with a great forward pass and replacing the cast.

Indiana Vassilev (5) — After 77 minutes, the touch was limited, but it should have worked with a late shot that could have regained the lead.

Jay Chapman (4.5) — After entering the game, I barely got on the ball and ended up with four touches.

Julian Carranza (N / A) —Forward saw the action just four minutes from the bench.

Kelvin Leerdam (N / A) — I’ve entered the moment of death.

Phil Neville (6) – His decision to change the lineup to improve the team and nominate Gregore as the new captain was great, but he needed to make better adjustments to finish the game. For equalizer.

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Inter-Miami Ratings: Measured Improvements, Gregore Captain, etc. Inter-Miami Ratings: Measured Improvements, Gregore Captain, etc.

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