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Within the first 30 seconds, Montiel sent Kirkland to the temple with a left hook, and soon afterwards he lowered Kirkland again with a series of uppercuts and his left hand. The volatile appearance of Kirkland climbed a second time in an attempt to continue the fight, but was finally sent back to the canvas in the third time from a powerful bullet that culminated with Montiel’s right hand. Referee Jerry Cantu shook off the battle and gave Montiel an upset victory.

Undefeated rising star Jesus Lamos 14-0 (13 KO) continued to impress with the dismantling of Philadelphia veteran Naim Nelson (14-5, 1 KO) in four rounds in their ultra-lightweight contest.

Ramos, a heavy-handed South Paw in Casa Grande, Arizona, took two rounds to increase Nelson’s size before moving to kill him. A 19-year-old slugger’s investment in bodywork allowed him to set up a hard overhand left, beating Nelson in the second half of the third round.

In Round 4, more bodywork from Ramos, mixed with intense shots to the head, robbed Nelson of the rest of the fight when Nelson fell into the canvas. Nelson’s corner showed referee Ray Corona that the man was over at the end of the round, as there was little chance of a turnaround. The official verdict was a knockout at the end of the fourth round.

In a super bantamweight showdown between Tuscaloosa, Alabama’s Trabon Lawson (4-0, 3 KO) becomes an 18-year-old prospective angel “AK-47” Valientes (4-1, 3 KO). Recorded a surprising upset knockout. In the 4th round.

Valientes, who roamed the ring and fired hard punches from a distance, controlled many of the first three rounds from Las Vegas via Honolulu. However, in the fourth round, 31-year-old Lawson swung out toward the fence, and a series of amazing clean right hands snapped Valientes’ head violently and sent him violently to the canvas. Valientes said he wanted to get up and continue, but referee Eddie Hernandez Sr. shook off the match in the fourth 55 minutes.

Prior to the FOX PBC Fight Night, the FS1 PBC Fight Night was held by Arantes Fox (27-2-1, 12 KO) in Forestville, Maryland, Marcos “Madman” Hernandez (14-4-1 in Fresno, CA). , 3 KO). The competitive battle ended with scores of 96-94, 97-93 and 98-92, all for Fox.

Further action in FS1 was the undefeated 18-year-old super bantamweight prospect Chavez Valientes, who knocked out Paul Carroll (Columbia) in South Carolina via Honolulu from Las Vegas in the third round. 5-0, 4 KO) was featured. 4-2, 4 KO). Valientes sent the determined Carol in the third right uppercut and hit him around the ring for the rest of the round. With careful guidance from referee Eddie Hernandez Sr., Carol’s Corner chose to stop the fight.

Undefeated welterweight Rajab Butaev (13-0, 10 KO) returned to action with an impressive third round body shot knockout against Tyler Chatwood (9-1-1, 5 KO). After two competitive rounds, Butayev from Indio, California, via the Republic of Dagestan, Russia, became more fierce in the third round and quickly achieved results. Chatwood, from Little Rock, Arkansas, was visibly hurt by a perfectly placed liver shot and refused to stand up. Referee Jerry Cantu reached a count of 10 at 1:01.

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Interim WBA Super Middleweight Champion David O. Morel Jr. Dominates Mike Gabronski Interim WBA Super Middleweight Champion David O. Morel Jr. Dominates Mike Gabronski

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