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International Day of Persons with Disabilities: Overcoming the hurdles of having different abilities

Illustration by Tamvi Bat, Source: Prasam Books

The struggle for people with disabilities begins when he or she learns to face the world and how they strive to live in the world. Difficulties are part of, and part of, the daily lives of these disabled individuals, but this kind of life is another ordinary passing day. However, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the lives of people with disabilities have become more complex due to the struggle against existing lives, but the external environment is also much more primitive in a place limited to four people. It became a target. Wall. All of this caused many of them to experience social, emotional, and even physical setbacks, limiting access to many things that could help change their lives. Many of them succumbed to restrictions, but with the same fate that they decided to fight for themselves with their families with the help of institutions like Narayan Seba Sanstan and make a difference in their lives. I didn’t follow it. Prior to International Day of Persons with Disabilities, two such individuals – Nalanda’s 17-year-old Vishnu Lok Kumar and Uttar Pradesh’s 5-year-old toddler Ansh are inspiring everyone.

Nalanda’s 17-year-old Vishnu Lok Kumar lived a different life than a normal boy of his age. With his legs deformed, Vishnu was already facing the tremendous blow he had survived since he was a child. With cheers from the peasant’s family, Vishnu and his parents could not afford to treat Vishnu for a normal life and to pay for surgery on Vishnu’s feet. One day, his family came across the Ilizarov technology offered in Narayanseva Sanstan, Udaipur, through a variety of sources. Ilizarov technology is a free orthodontic surgery offered to people with disabilities that can make their lives simpler and easier, enable them and empower them. Vishnu underwent free orthodontic surgery provided by Narayanseva Sanstan on the Udaipur campus. Vishnu treated one leg and recovered completely three months ago. He decided to have this corrective surgery on his second leg. Vishnu said: Walking without support is a dream come true. There will be many others, like me, who are suffering from malformations that cause hurdles in living a normal life. I urge many such brothers and sisters to visit Narayan Seva Sanstan and undergo orthodontic surgery provided by an NGO. “

Another moving story is about 5-year-old Hinche from Uttar Pradesh. He was born with a deformed leg at birth due to bone damage. Originally from a family with a weak financial background, Hinche could not afford the expensive treatment offered by the metro. When one of the family members underwent free orthodontic surgery, Hinche and his family were led by relatives of Narayan Seba Sanstan. About three years ago, Hinche’s parents, Renu and Hariram, took him to Narayanseva Sanstan. After consulting with Hinche and his parents, the doctor now operated on Hinche through surgery and Ilizarov treatment. Over the last three years, they have seen significant changes in their son’s situation, waiting for him to finally stand up.

Prashant Agarwal, President of Narayan Seva Sansthan, said: We at NSS believe in fairness for all who can lead a sustainable and empowered life. We perform orthodontic surgery to help people with disabilities become independent. Free surgery performed on our campus in Udaipur has given the lives of many individuals they have always dreamed of. NSS offers a skills development training program and free school services in Udaipur, with free limb measurements and distributions nationwide. “

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International Day of Persons with Disabilities: Overcoming the hurdles of having different abilities International Day of Persons with Disabilities: Overcoming the hurdles of having different abilities

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