[Interview] GungHo talks about Ninjala-Monster Hunter Rise-Sonic partnership, future collaborations and plans, and more

Ninjala is celebrating its first anniversary. It’s been a busy year for Switch titles, with various updates and collaborations.

Nintendo Everything was recently given the opportunity to catch up with Kazuki Morishita, president and chief executive officer of GungHo Online Entertainment and executive producer of the game. Mr. Morishita talked about collaborations (Monster Hunter Rise, Sonic the Hedgehog, etc.) and future plans.

Monster Hunter Rise, in partnership with Ninjala, is one of the biggest collaborations in the game to date. How did the partnership come about?

I’m playing myself and I love it Monster hunter It’s a series, so whenever I meet a Capcom person, it’s customary to say, “Please become a habit.” Monster hunter“Every time. Maybe that’s why I was able to work with Capcom. Puzzle & DragonsMonster hunter Series collaboration.Ryozo Tsujimoto, the series producer, is also nearby, so I asked him if he could collaborate with him. Ninjala And he gladly accepted.

What feedback did Capcom have to give to help Monster Hunter blend into the world of Ninjala?

When I asked Capcom to collaborate, Monster Hunter Rise Because it will be released on the same Nintendo Switch. Since then, Capcom has helped with many of our suggestions. Thanks to their help, not only were we able to create avatar skins, but we were also able to include many avatar skins. Monster hunter-Something like a reference for barbecue emotes, sound effects, etc.

We know that Ninjala had another big game collaboration that had previously teamed up with Sonic the Hedgehog. What made you decide to partner with SEGA?

world of Ninjala Is set up in modern times and is designed to allow the existence of different types of IP content.Our first stage, Eagle City, was inspired by the United States and we thought Sonic the hedgehogThe color scheme and atmosphere of the item fits perfectly with Eagle City, so I proposed a collaboration with Sega.

What can fans expect from collaboration in the future?

Most of the collaborations so far have been collaborations with game IPs, and we will continue to collaborate with other games, but we would like to try collaborations with other types of entertainment IPs such as anime and movies. I will. How do you determine these IPs? The main criterion is to choose the IP we love.

Gumchi is one of the main mascots of the game and readers are very interested in its character. What was the inspiration for that design?

Gumchi is not only the mascot of the game, but also plays a very important role in the story. The inspiration for his design is that he wears inflated bubble gum, and he has a bamboo sword because he has something to do with Genryusai’s (formerly Yanagisai’s younger brother) Kendo Dojo. ..

Ninjala will celebrate its first anniversary in just a few months. Is the team happy with the response to the game and its growth since its launch?

I really appreciate all the players around the world. Ninjala. The pandemic has had a huge impact on us by creating an environment that we have never experienced before. In that, we had to do beta testing and release the game. That’s why last year passed so quickly, but we’ve received great feedback and requests from players, motivating our development team and keeping up with many updates. Currently, users of a wide range of ages from all over the world are playing and I am very satisfied.

Do you have any plans for a new mode that will last forever in the game? If so, what can you share?

We plan to regularly revive past hot battles. We have lots of ideas for new hot battles, so stay tuned.

Did GungHo consider releasing a physical version of Ninjala in the West?

There are currently no plans to release a physical version.

What can Ninjala players expect from the game in the future?

First of all, I am very grateful that all the players in the world have played. Ninjala.. We will continue to add features, season updates, and other non-season updates. We are planning a surprise, so please look forward to it.

[Interview] GungHo talks about Ninjala-Monster Hunter Rise-Sonic partnership, future collaborations and plans, and more

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