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Interview: Realme VP Madhav Sheth talks about the success of Wear OS watches, foldable watches and GT lineups

NS Realme GT Neo2Global expansion began last week, Starting from indiaAnd at the event, with Realme VP and CEO of Realme India, Europe and Latin America, Madhav Sheth. 125W UltraDart chargingGet a smartwatch running the OS, a foldable, the success of Realme’s GT series and more. See the interview below for more information.

Madhav Sheth-Vice President of Realme and CEO of Realme India, Europe and Latin America

With GT Neo2 5G, the lineup of premium GT has become 6 units. This is the highest number ever since Realme started. Was the customer reaction what you expected?

The response to the Realme GT series has been great, increasing confidence in bringing more destructive premium GT 5G products. It confused those markets, received overwhelming praise from the media and fans, and nailed its success. Reflecting the nature of the 2021 flagship killer, Realme GT, Realme GT 5G topped Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Portugal with AliExpress 618 sales. Another example is the recent Realme GT Master Edition 5G. Over 170,000 units of Realme GT Master Edition 5G on the first round of Realme Celebration Day sale.

As one of the world’s top six brands, we have already embarked on a journey to disrupt the premium market with the GT series. We know that it takes time to disrupt the premium market, and our best weapon is the product itself. Our fans have already responded overwhelmingly to our product line, which further enhances our confidence. For us, the product comes first and we let the product speak for itself.

Is Realme GT Neo2 the last GT series release of the year, or is there still time to put pressure on another release?

The Realme GT Neo2 is the latest product in the GT series and the first in the Realme GT Neo series. The new GT Neo series continues to offer the best premium midrangers for the perfect balance. We are planning an ultra premium flagship for this series as well, and we plan to commercialize the 125W Ultra Dirt Charge next year.

Editor’s Note: The GT Neo2 is the first smartphone in the GT Neo series outside of China. The first smartphone in the lineup is GT Neo Launched in China in March Introduced In india X7 Max 5G May.

Are you happy with how your portfolio was formed as the X-series retired and GT established itself as a flagship product, or is there a further shift in 2022?

Yes, that’s true. As a result of our new goal of expanding our presence in the premium market, our approach has changed and we are happy and confident of such changes. The Realme GT series continues and enhances the tradition of the X series. The Realme GT series has already disrupted the market and will undoubtedly make a bigger impact in the coming days with industry-first and industry-leading features. As mentioned earlier, we are planning to further strengthen our GT series portfolio and plan an ultra-premium flagship for this series.

Realme isn’t short on smartphones with great performance, but I feel that the company hasn’t released its flagship camera phone product. For example, GT phones do not have a telephoto camera. Can you expect another Realme Super Zoom soon?

Camera innovation is one of our key priorities, apart from performance and speed.This year we launched Realme 8 Pro This is the first Realme smartphone with a 108MP ultra quad camera with the world’s first Starry Time Lapse Video, the world’s first Tilt Shift Time Lapse Video, and 3x in-sensor zoom, giving users the best pixel quality and other In the smartphone industry, it offers many advanced features. We believe that a good camera is not only a hardware extension, but also a software extension. Both complement each other. At the same time, computer photography is currently one of the key trends in mobile cameras. Of course, hardware is just as important. Realme is planning something great, so stay tuned.

Another particularly exciting product niche is foldable-is there anything you can share about the progress Realme is making there? Is there a specific time frame that I can expect to be able to collapse Realme?

Not for now. Realme primarily focuses on key processor, fast charging, and camera technologies that can benefit more consumers with mainstream usage demand. Most of the fastest charging smartphones today are Realme, which I think will make them more efficient. Realme wants to focus on performance, camera and speed, as it’s hard for any business to be the best in all categories.

Recently, we have significantly expanded our offline stores in India, opening 100 stores in one day. Are there any plans to shift the focus to offline channels in Europe as well?

We have always been recognized as an online-centric brand, but we also realized that online channels alone cannot be the top brands. You need to strengthen your presence even when you are offline. The EU has already partnered with a range of major offline chain retailers in different countries. But whether online, offline, or any other channel, Realme’s main purpose is to deliver Dare to Leap products.

Your IoT TechLife ecosystem is expanding rapidly these days-is it already making you feel its presence in your bottom line, or is it premature? Are there any specific products that are exciting there?

It’s premature for us because the product comes first. As a holistic technology brand, our main focus is to first build a holistic ecosystem for young people to create smart, connected and trendy lives, just as technology empowers life. .. That said, the AIoT product line has been a huge hit, already marking an important milestone, with the first Realme Book (Slim) sale recording a record sales of 3,000 units within 10 minutes. Achieved. Similarly, for the tablet market, we are confident that it will disrupt the market, be the best-selling brand for the first sale on Flipkart, and aim for the top two brands in the near future. These products further contribute to the revenue of the entire RealmeTechLife ecosystem.

As part of our 1 + 5 + T strategy, we recently expanded our Realme TechLife ecosystem portfolio with several exciting product lines. These are Realme Brick Bluetooth Speakers, Realme 4K Smart Google TV Sticks, all packed with unlimited entertainment and all-new Realme Buds. Stunning closer green color Air2. Realme Mobile Game Trigger, Realme Cooling Back Clip NEO, and Realme Type-C SuperDart Game Cable are other recently launched AIoT products. We offer more interesting and useful AIoT products to further build the Realme TechLife ecosystem-look forward to it!

Are you planning to launch a smartwatch on Wear OS or continue with other custom operating systems?

We will continue to focus on our current product portfolio as consumers love the Realme Smart Watch. We are accepting Wear OS surveys, so stay tuned for more details.

The Realme Book i3 variant currently has only 256GB of storage, so are you planning to offer more storage? Also, unlike storage, RAM cannot be upgraded by users on these laptops, so are there any plans to launch both i3 and i5 models with more RAM?

As we shared earlier, the Realme book (Slim) was a huge success, registering a record 3,000 units within 10 minutes of its first sale. With the launch of the Realme Book (Slim), the TechLife ecosystem has been further defined and completed, creating a smart, connected and trendy life for young people. We received feedback on this. We are investigating this and will keep you up to date.

Interview: Realme VP Madhav Sheth talks about the success of Wear OS watches, foldable watches and GT lineups Interview: Realme VP Madhav Sheth talks about the success of Wear OS watches, foldable watches and GT lineups

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