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Hugh Jackman talks about how his character in the memoirs looks like Wolverine and how he works with his first director, Lisa Joy, in this interview!

Recollection, Theatre and HBO Max, opened on August 21st, a clever combination of science fiction, romance and noir. Hugh jackman Starring Nick Banister, a brilliant and lonely man who offers clients the opportunity to relive their best memories. After falling into the mysterious May (Rebecca Ferguson), he must turn his technique into a tool for holding the woman he loves-and to reveal her dangerous secrets.

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Jackman spoke Screen Rant About a mix of several genres, the opposite hologram acting, and his own personality X-Men Recollection.

Screen Rant: I love the classic Noir Recollection, But it’s really a blended genre. It just spins and keeps unfolding. It’s very layered. Tell us a little bit about your character, Nick Banister and the machine.

Hugh Jackman: A great description of this movie. Literally everything you said is all I like about it. Lisa Joy is a bomb and she created something really unique.

I think the character she wrote for me contains Wolverine elements at some level. There’s a lot of pain and its tough, intrusive look underneath the broken, a little bad. But you mix it with the almost obsessive romance that happens suddenly for him, and then she disappears.

For the character, I think it’s very similar to what the audience experiences in this movie, that is, “I know what this movie is.” After 10 minutes, you seem to say, “Yeah, I see.” And very quickly, it narratively and emotionally enters areas and places you do not expect. Nick is the same.

In the end, this movie feels very poetic to me. I think it scares people, but that means it will resonate with you in different ways in a few days.

I would like to talk with Lisa Joy about technology. That’s another thing in this movie, and I want everyone to know. This is not necessarily CG. Talk about this technology. I couldn’t even wrap my head when I read it.

Hugh Jackman: Well, I couldn’t do that either. She told me she was going to do this, and I was like “Have it been done before?” She says, “No, we’re solving it now.” And I say, “OK … you’re the first filmmaker. That’s a big deal.”

But holograms (which aren’t really the case, but that’s the best way to think about what most people are seeing) are real. They are in the camera. So when I was standing on that recollection machine as an actor, I saw a real hologram sung by Rebecca Ferguson. I don’t want to give it, but it’s true even when it’s one of my memories.

I’ve been very accustomed to playing a tennis ball on a stick for the rest of my life. It was really complicated and really difficult. And I said, “Lisa, I have to let you know that you did this.” No one knows or believes, so they would think it was as great as it had to be done by a computer.

Recollection of Hugh Jackman & Thandiwe Newton

I’m looking forward to your return to the MCU.Is it possible we can see Replay your role as Wolverine, Or is it now at this point in your past?

Hugh Jackman: That’s my past.Don’t tell anyone

Let me say one more thing.As I said, because there is no day [that] Go to the point where you are not incredibly grateful that it was part of that MCU universe. Especially be there first and see it. Watch Kevin Feige go from assistant to producer to my companion to where he is today. And that was a once-in-a-lifetime role.

So when I say I’m done, I don’t want people to feel it’s grumpy. It was one of the great chapters of my life.

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  • Reminiscence (2021)Release Date: August 20, 2021

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Interview with Hugh Jackman: Recollections | Screen Rant

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