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Another week of football, and another week of interviews with the enemy series.Walker Clement this week Cat scratch leader Answer 5 simple questions before the 17th week showdown: New Orleans Saints Face division rivals Carolina Panthers With NFC # 1 seed shot.

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Are you planning to meet Christian McCaffrey this week?

No. This year was a series of minor injuries, so cross your fingers in 2021. There is no reason to believe he will not return to full speed next year. There is no reason. Except for being a high-paying running back that has seen obscene utilization over the years, while the Panthers watch Cam Newton slowly collapse from an unmanaged injury. Yeah, I’ll bet he’ll be faster than ever next year. Depending on what you want to hear about him, he may lose or put a few pounds.

Is Panther a chance for the saints on Sunday to ease it?

No, Matt Roll is going to win in December. By the way, the first week of January is part of December. Fortunately for Saints, the Panthers don’t have the top four options on the left tackle. Russell Okung, Trent Scott, Greg Little and Dennis Daily (usually guards) are all injured. Another guard, Michael Scofield, is tasked with protecting the blind side of Teddy Bridgewater. That’s not great. The Panthers put together one or two drives, but given the recent success of the defense, we expect more than a drive from Saints against the Panthers’ defense.

How is our old companion Teddy Bridgewater doing for you?

He is fine He stepped into a fan-based complex and honestly impossible situation. On the one hand, he is not Cam Newton. On the other hand, he is not Cam Newton. It has always been a difficult act to obey. The real knock on Bridgewater was that he seemed to retreat as the season progressed. He relies on checkdown throws and is less willing to push the ball into the downfield than in the opening game. Bridgewater is definitely not the answer in Charlotte. A recent comment from owner David Tepper reveals that he knows it.

How do you plan to attack the game if you were Sean Payton? 49ers defense?

Is it strange that you don’t understand?Panthers Defense is finding a new level to play every week since they shut out Detroit Lions.. They are a group of young and confused children. They have a barely defensive line rotation. Their first middle linebackers bring a positive disadvantage to their land defense. And still. Still, they continue to find ways to turn the strengths into weaknesses and let the stars play.

I think the best anti-intuitive plan for the NFL today is to focus on the game you’re running first. Playback on the screen or in the wrong direction can also help. These should not be expected to be positively successful. It only stresses the thin lines of defense and wears them so that the saint can launch an attack later when he wants to put the panther in the dust.

What are your predictions for the game? Who will win? Final score?

The saint should win this. Panthers has won nearly five dozen games they shouldn’t have, and not in the end. I’m not sure they can get it closer to the saints, but even so, the team has proved that they too are struggling with those games.The final score is 27-13, saints..

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Walker, thank you for taking the time to answer our question. Dear Saints fans, check out what Walker and his associates are doing with the Cat Scratch Leader. Follow Cat Scratch Reader on Twitter @CatScratchReadr, And of course you can follow me @ChrisDunnElle.

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Interview with the enemy: Check in to old friend Teddy Bridgewater Interview with the enemy: Check in to old friend Teddy Bridgewater

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