Interview with Whisperer is a chatbot conversation with God’s best companion

An old man in northern Spain claims to have a direct connection with God, and you are leaving to see if he is legal. An interview with The Whisperer, a free short story by the creators of The Red Strings Club and The Bookshelf Limbo, is a wonderfully intimate conversation between a distracted old man and, if lucky, the supernatural beings of the universe on the other side of him. is. Shortwave radio.

Constructed as an interview with this distracting messenger, Whisperer can use a kind of chatbot interface to ask an old man anything about his machine, his life, and the god on the other side of the phone. .. There is a note next to it that may prompt you to dig deeper into different topics.

For example, what is the deal with these recurring dreams? Who is this Dolores girl he is always talking about, and to be precise, what can he tell you about God?

I asked for a record.

To stare at the navel a little, Whisperer made me think a lot about his 2019 game Can Androids Pray. Xalavier Nelson Jr writes an unintended response to a line (occasionally an RPS contributor) asking if God is listening to the circuit or just “drown out the humming”. Deconstructeam believes that not only can they hear them, but these cobblestone wavelengths are the only way we can communicate with God, and God may be somewhat overwhelmed.

It’s a real shame that the entire chatbot angle collapses faster than I want. The conversation with the old man was shocking and abundant, and for some time even misunderstandings went well and I felt a strange shift from a stranger. This is a limitation the game recognizes, and the third character states that Manuel, who is poor at first, is not very good at talking. But after a while, I realized that the same stub came back many times, hoping for the predictable simplicity of the conversation tree.

But if you choose the right words, you can solve a loving and quiet conversation with a beloved old man who happened to pick up God’s phone number. Interviews with Whisperer can be downloaded for free from

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Interview With The Whisperer is a chatbot conversation with God’s best mate

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