Introducing ESO Combat Pets

ESO pets play a major role in the game for many players for a variety of reasons. There are plenty of companions to choose from, but only some can be used in combat settings in a particular class. This is a limited option, but it can work pretty well if used properly.

This article discusses the following:

  • Which combat pet classes are available?
  • Which pet do they use?
  • Is there an alternative?

With that in mind, let’s first look at what you can choose from the combat pet classes on Elder Scrolls Online.

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Which ESO Combat Pet Class is available?

There are many variations on how pet classes work in ESO. If you need a combat pet, or if you want a permanent pet, you can choose from several classes. These classes revolve around Sorcerer and Warden.

The sorcerer acts as one of the six playable classes in the game. It can summon class-only combat pets, can do a lot of damage to courageous enemies in the way, and focuses on lightning-based attacks. You can also use the ward to protect yourself from damage if needed.

If you are a player who prefers to attack from range, this is a good class choice. This is due to the nature of the class’s offensive and defensive tactics, often a few meters away from the enemy. If you’re a new player, this is also a great place to start, even though it’s actually one of the harder classes to learn. By fully learning how to control the Sorcerer class, you will find it more beneficial from the beginning than any other class.

The Warden class, on the other hand, is another class of ESO introduced in the Morrowind extension. This introduction gives players the same experience that sorcerers offer in that they can summon combat pets. It also trades fire abilities for ice, but works the same as Dragon Knight.

Which ESO pet do they use?

The first thing to remember here is that only sorcerers and wardens have permanent pets, while others can only use temporary means. Sorcerers have options that include the familiar, winged Twilight, Storm Atronac, and Cranfia that can be summoned to help you.

There are many benefits to summoning these creatures in-game. As with players in normal situations, damaging them gives them combat experience. Winged Twilight is not only effective thanks to the shock damage it can inflict, but also due to the fact that it remains until it is killed or not summoned. You can also command the power of Oblivion in Cranfia. Cranfia deals physical damage to enemies and remains until forced, as is the case with summons in this category. Like Winged Twilight, Storm Atronac does a great deal of impact damage and surprises nearby enemies. When an ally activates the charged lighting synergy, Atronac Major Berserk will increase damage by 25% in a short period of time.

As for Warden, you have the chance to use the bear as a combat pet in the game. This is often confused with the many mounts available in ESO and is actually available to everyone. You may have seen many players roaming around with bears. This is, in fact, a combat pet for those who choose the Warden class. Bears are the ultimate as part of the Warden-class animal companion skill line and can have devastating effects when used in a proper manner.

Is there an alternative?

At ESO, you can see that there are many pets that are actually available. We don’t offer permanent pets to all classes, but you can call in temporary companions if needed. Another class, the necromancer, is often referred to as another class where you can keep pets, but that is not the case. They have temporary combat pets created with class skills, but they are generally not considered a class that primarily provides pets. It has the ability and set to provide temporary combat pets such as the Maw of the Infernal, Mad Tinkerer, and Defiler. However, the Necromancer as a whole focuses on summons that act as mages or archers, which many do not consider to be pets.

The general opinion about pets is that they are also the best option for sorcerers to use in combat. The reason is that they not only have the most obvious and abundant choices, but are also considered to be more effective. In addition, they can behave more like permanent pets and do more damage than the other options involved in summoning. When it comes to bears, many will argue that it’s not as satisfying to use as the sorcerer offers, and that it occupies your ultimate slot in the process.

Note at the end of the book

Ultimately, ESO pets are a feature offered to players who want to use them. When it comes to combat, the options available are limited, but the sorcerer class is a good place to start these traits, whether you’re a starting player or not. The fact that the subpoena is permanent until it is killed gives the impression of a permanent companion of your character who can also help you in combat. Whichever path you choose, make sure you choose the method that works best for you. Sure, ESO has many pet and mount options, but not many when it comes to fighting pets.

An Introduction to ESO Combat Pets

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