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Hello, this is Joseph Juarez. I am the founder and creative director of Hazelight.

Everyone in the studio is really excited to show us what we’ve been working hard on and finally reveal it. Our new game, It Takes Two, is a collaborative platform adventure that will strike your heart and will be available on PS4 and PS5 on March 26, 2021.

After the success of A Way Out, we definitely wanted to create another cooperative game. I think cooperative games are very undervalued to tell a powerful story. There is a lot to explore, especially from a narrative perspective. When I watch a movie or go to the theater, it’s much more fun to do it together.

This is what makes us so excited, as we’ve seen it on A Way Out and it’s an even more powerful experience on It Takes Two.

Like A Way Out, there is a Friend’s Pass. This means you only need to buy the game once and your friends can join for free. If you buy a game created for co-op, it’s fair that your friends can play it together without having to buy it yourself. The official EA website has an entire page about it, so check it out if you want to know more.

It Takes Two is literally a romantic comedy and less common in video games. It’s about a little family, a little girl, Rose, his father Cody, and his mother May. Cody and Mei are about to break up. Rose is of course devastated about it, so she creates these two dolls that represent her parents who magically come back to life in this fantastic world. You and your friends play the game as a doll version of Cody and May and experience a lot of weird and mess from it.

I think people will be surprised at how moving and cheerful the story is and how it evolves. In the story is also the character of this very crazy book, Dr. Hakim, a kind of love guru. It tries to bring them back by throwing the relationship between Cody and May into many unexpected situations.

What we really want is that the story is closely tied to gameplay. Narratively driven games generally require less repetitive gameplay and more mechanics to actually fit into the story.

In It Takes Two, there are moments when you actually connect Cody and May’s own emotions to gameplay.

It’s hard to explain if you’ve never played, but this is very important to us. This is important because there are many games where designers and writers appear to have two different experiences.

Another aspect of gameplay is the wide variety of games that blend different game genres. You will be shocked by it! And that diversity isn’t just for it. The variety itself is important to keep it fresh, yes, but again, it’s actually there to reflect what’s happening in the story. Our goal is to finish the game and get players who want to play 100%, not just 30%. This is common.

It Takes Two is a wild roller coaster that runs through many emotions. I love messing around with the players! Guess them second. But after all, this is a story about love. I promise you will definitely feel something when you finish it.

Introducing It Takes Two, the wildest co-op ride of your life

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