Introducing Mortal Kombat 11 Tournament WePlay Dragon Temple

$ 60,000 Conquest at WePlay Esports Arena Kyiv

Participate in the battle for glory WePlay Dragon Temple, WePlayEsports The first fighting game tournament from a media holding company.

From December 10th to 13th, the best players will test their strength on the fierce stage of WePlay Esports Arena Kyiv. $ 60,000 online will be the first event in a custom build arena.

The championship contest consists of two phases: the group stage and the playoffs. In the former, all teams are split into two round robin groups and the player must beat the opponent in two of the three sets. In the second half of the phase, the top four contestants from each group will advance to the playoffs and compete in the best of five double elimination brackets.

Anton Gribovskiy, General Manager of WePlay Esports, Photo Provider: WePlay Esports

“WePlay Esports, like boxing and the UFC, recognizes that fighting games have everything they need to become a form of mass entertainment. The potential audience for these titles is huge. Includes generations of casual players. Anyone interested in MK Multiverse can enjoy the WePlay Dragon Temple. Our team wants to make this event special. I’ll do my best, so don’t miss it. “-Says Anton Gribovsky, General Manager of WePlay Esports Americas.

WePlay Esports Lead Esports Manager, Eugene “Hitras” Shepelev Photo Provider: WePlay Esports

“With WePlay Dragon Temple, our team can create new experiences with titles we’ve never worked on. When fans see all the great matches we’ve planned, we Is probably as excited as the fans. We’re going to offer the same level of entertainment that you’ve come to know us. “-says Eugene “Hitras” Sheperev, Lead eSports Manager at WePlay Esports.

James “BanKs” Banks, Project Consultant Photo Provider: WePlay Esports

“As a former professional player back in Virtua Fighter, I’ve always had a real passion for fighting games. When I first learned about this event, I was excited to get the chance to attend. It’s great that WePlay Esports plans to bring us Christmas early in the Dragon Temple tournament, to work with the team to make it one of the best mortal combat events we’ve ever seen. Do as much as you can! “-Says James “BanKs” Banks, Project consultant.

WePlay Esports is also affiliated Dash Fight, Official Media Partner of WePlay Dragon Temple, providing even more interesting and exclusive coverage during the event. DashFight is a place to find exclusive content, such as interviews with players and talents.

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Introducing the Mortal Kombat 11 tournament WePlay Dragon Temple

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