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If the song is true and “you are not anyone until someone loves you”, a new fan favorite Sean Anthony Duffy [0-1] You have to be someone now.

The mysterious Monahan man caught the attention of Irish fighting fans when he made it On January 1st, we will make our debut under the deep blue radar in the exotic environment of Vietnam.

Duffy played his role in all-action scrap and celebrated the Irish boxing year with a very interesting start in the process.

The results did not go on the path of Irish fighters, but his exhibition brought him the love of some serious fighters and triggered an investigation into who he was and where he came from.

But even after Ireland’s greatest boxing minds and nerds were consulted, Duffy remained a mystery.

When I talked to, a fighter with a mini cult explained why. “I’m not the one who can fight a little.”

The 31-year-old middleweight is based in a Southeast Asian country, settled, has no affiliation with any Irish club, and has no boxing experience.

Duffy kickboxed more than 10 years ago and entered the white-collar world, but has no other combat experience. He attends the Trigger Boxing Club in Vietnam and stays healthy above all, but the Irish spirit of his fight has led him to a modest and ultimately professional fight.

“I basically trained myself and did a little training at the trigger boxing facility. I didn’t have an amateur career, I boxed a bit when I was young, but never followed I’ve had some white collar fights before, and I’ve been kickboxing for years. I started when I was 19, but I’m still working hard I haven’t fought in 10 years, “he added, explaining how he played against Van Hiu Fam earlier this month.

“I live in Vietnam,” he continues. “I teach English online. I have a wife and a son here. I just put them in a box for fun and test my abilities. I’m completely in the spirit of Irish fighting I believe, and here I sparred countless guys because I’m as inexperienced as I am. I kept myself, and on some occasions I’m more opposed to them. So when the promoter asked me if I was interested in fighting professionally, I took it as a challenge, and I said “yes”.

Duffy has no illusions about where he is. He does not predict the success of acquisitions or world titles. But he likes to fight and believes he can have some fun and success in the Vietnamese scene.

“After all, I’m a full-time teacher and boxing is my hobby. But I’m beating a few young people here, so I’ll face the challenge of testing my energy. I’m not looking for anything, but I want to be able to say that I jumped into the scene. “

Duffy’s debut was defeated, but he was hoping for it.

“I probably didn’t have the illusion that I couldn’t get a fair shake,” he explains when discussing the fight he felt most won.

“I didn’t agree with UD. I felt like I won rounds 1 and 4 and put some pressure on him. It wasn’t beautiful and it wasn’t pretty to look at, but I Had a plan, “he added.

“It was a shame I had to wear 12 ounces. Especially because his style is purely defensive and the counters flutter, I really feel I could dominate him with smaller gloves. I think he couldn’t keep that guard if we were teenagers. But, as I say, I objected to it. I against him. No bad feelings, but I’ll see him again, and it’ll be 10 ounces of gloves, and I’ll be fierce and furious until then. “

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Introducing: Sean Duffy – “I’m not the one who can fight a bit” Introducing: Sean Duffy – “I’m not the one who can fight a bit”

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