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We are pleased to announce the release of valuable stats resources for Maple Leafs fans. TLN Maple Leafs Stat Pack (MLSP)..

MLSP preview

This vast Tableau dashboard is updated the day after each Maple Leafs game and is designed to provide a one-stop shop for deeper insights into the buds that fans love. MLSP summarizes skater, goalkeeper, and team statistics to better fill fans with Maple Leafs performance with the aim of filling the void left by surface-level data storytelling in traditional sports writing and television broadcasts. Helps tell the story. We guarantee that you will learn new and interesting things every time you visit.

The functions of the dashboard are as follows:

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Skater statistics

  • Per 60 points
  • Primary points per 60
  • Points by type (primary and secondary)
  • State-specific points (strength vs. power play vs. short hand)
  • Expected target share (xGF%)
  • Shot trial share (CF%)
  • “Expectations and reality” (scatter plot of actual target share [GF%] Expected target share [xGF%] See who is above / below the expected target rate
  • “Give’n Take” (net view of takeout and gifts)
  • “Shinbin” (net view of penalties taken and withdrawn)
  • “Predator vs. Play” (Net View of Hits and Gives)
  • “Wear & Tear” (combination view of shots taken and blocked shots)
  • Percentage-led results (PDO – view of% shooting on ice and% savings at 5v5, combined into a single number to measure pack luck)

Goalkeeper statistics

  • Frederique Andersen and Jack Campbell’s Raw Cumulative Conservation Rate
  • Frederik Andersen (See Andersen’s Conservation Rate and Goals Conserved Beyond Expected Value Per 60 [GSAx/60] Understand his overall number in 5v5 and shorthand in all situations)
  • Expanding Frederik Andersen’s view to show how he is taking action against his colleagues

Team statistics

  • Percentage of accumulated points
  • Cumulative goal difference
  • Cumulative penalty difference
  • Cumulative power play success rate
  • Cumulative penalty kill success rate
  • “Bowman Index” (a combination of power play success rate and penalty kill success rate, made famous by legendary coach Scotty Bowman)
  • Cumulative shot trial share in 5v5 (CF%)
  • Cumulative target share in 5v5 (GF%)
  • Cumulative expected target share in 5v5 (xGF%)

Dashboard built using data published from Evolve-Hockey And NHL.comIs a growing resource that adds new items over time. Feel free to suggest the features you want to see to Mark Norman, the creator of the dashboard. His twitter..

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Dear Maple Leafs fans, enjoy getting to know your team a little better!

caution: MLSP is not optimized for mobile display and the display is only displayed on desktop devices.

– NHL Sports

Introducing the TLN Maple Leafs Statistics Pack – TheLeafsNation Introducing the TLN Maple Leafs Statistics Pack – TheLeafsNation

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