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Hello everyone! I’m Naoki Yoshida, the producer of FINAL FANTASY XVI. Today, everyone on the development team is working together on a large scale to bring out a whole new game that fits the name of FINAL FANTASY. The next major announcement is scheduled for 2021, but before that, we launched the FINAL FANTASY XVI Teaser website today.

The Teaser website contains a lot of new information and artwork to showcase the world in which the story takes place, as well as some of the main characters in the game. Let’s briefly introduce the contents of the site!

Land blessed with the light of mother crystal

The adventures of FINAL FANTASY XVI take place in a land called Ballistaire, which is studded with huge mountains of glittering crystals called Mother Crystals. These mother crystals have risen to the surrounding territory for generations and have been blessed with ether. This blessing of Mother Crystal has made these areas prosperous and comfortable for their people.

Countless wars were fought over mother crystals all over the country, and countries such as the Grand Duchy of Rosalia, the Holy Roman Empire, the Kingdom of Warod, the Republic of Dalmekia, and the Kingdom of Iron emerged. Unique culture and ideology. The ongoing skirmishes have built anxious peace between these countries, but with the advent of catastrophic Bright, that fragile peace is beginning to worsen.

Three characters attacked by the wind of fate

There was a lot of speculation, but yes, the young knight and the tattooed man in the “Awakening” trailer are the same.His name is Clive Rossfield, And he is the main character in this game. Grand Duke Rosalia’s eldest son, Clive, is a shield that protects his brother Joshua, the ruler of Phoenix. Joshua bestowed him with the blessing of the Phoenix and gave Clive the ability to wield a portion of Akon’s fire. But as the story unfolds, he gets caught up in a great tragedy.

Joshua Rossfield He is also Clive’s younger brother and the ruler of Phoenix, the Akon of Fire. Dominant is a special being with the power of Akon. As ruler, Joshua transforms into Phoenix and fights to protect his country. Born into the royal family, Joshua treats everyone kindly, but also has a childish side that he especially dislikes carrots.

The two brothers Jill Warwick, People raised with them. At an early age, Jill was taken from the Northern Territory’s hometown (a country that pledged allegiance to the Grand Duchy of Rosalia) and became a ward of the Principality, ensuring peace between the two territories. She spends her childhood with Clive and Joshua as part of the Rosfield family.

Akon and dominant that threaten the world

For those familiar with the FINAL FANTASY series, you may know Akon as a “subpoena.” They are arguably the most destructive and deadly creatures in Balisea. Akon, who wields the power to level the nation, lives in a special entity called the dominant. How dominants are treated depends on the area. Some are worshiped as royalty, while others are sent to the forefront as weapons of war.

The trailer for Awakening will feature Akon such as Phoenix, Titan, Shiva, and Ifrit. For questions about how many other Akons are in Ballistair, who they are, and what happens when they are hit, well … you just have to wait for future exposure to find out. there is!

We would appreciate the opportunity to visit the newly launched FINAL FANTASY XVI Teaser website. There’s more information and artwork there. The next big announcement is in 2021, so stay tuned. Stay tuned for FINAL FANTASY XVI!

Introducing the world and characters of Final Fantasy XVI

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