Intuitive motivational hacks you’re missing

Humans are always looking for that spark to move us when we are stuck. We know what we need to do, but we are fighting ourselves to actually do it. Moreover, it’s easy to disobey our commitment to ourselves that “I’m not motivated.”

You might check out some training videos on Instagram, check out motivational speeches on Youtube, or read articles like this to get us moving. Sometimes it works, but most of the time you just stare at the screen and hold it down another day.

The problem with relying on motivation is that this feeling is fleetingly inconsistent. It’s great to feel that you’re on target and take advantage of it, but without it, it can take quite a while, so waiting for that feeling to come back isn’t very helpful.

There are two parts to solving this motivational problem.

1. Deal with things that are in the way

When we feel indifferent or unmotivated, something else usually happens in our lives that influences our thinking about achieving our goals. You may be stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious and spend a lot of time putting out the fire or prioritizing other tasks.

Practice of meditation, mindfulness, and breathing exercises is essential to having a better way of thinking to better address these challenges. This way of thinking saves us energy and leads us to a calculated calm state of mind.

Lack of motivation can be disguised as deep-seated emotional pain such as shame, guilt, anger, and resentment. When we are emotionally heavy and burdened, it makes all areas of our lives more difficult.

Let’s examine these feelings we have about ourselves, the world and their stories. You can identify what is true or just counterfeit. The more truth and clarity we have, the lighter and clearer we feel. This is the energy of motivation and motivation.

If you focus too much on the results, you lose the intent to give the process. We tend to go too far ahead of ourselves and stick to the results, and if we don’t find the feedback we need, we’re less motivated.

A more useful approach is to follow the day-to-day strategies needed to reach your ultimate goal. This approach gives us more presence and awareness of what we can influence every day, making it easier and more manageable. Success is not a straight journey. There are ups and downs, but if you stick to the process, you can get there faster and easier.

“I hate every minute of training, but I said, don’t stop. Suffering now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” – Muhammad Ali

In summary, this is what influences our motivation:

  • Problems and challenges that discourage our time, energy, and motivation are emerging in our lives.
  • The heavy emotional state and the stories we tell ourselves about it make us stuck.
  • We focused too much on the results, not the process needed to achieve that.

The second part of solving this motivational problem is to use a much more powerful strategy instead of requiring any motivation.

2. Gain momentum

The more action you take, the more momentum you have, and the more momentum you have, the more motivated you are. It requires us to overcome the initial resistance of stretching ourselves and getting out of our comfort zone. Still, the more often you do it, the easier this process will be.

The power of the positive feedback loop is that positive actions lead to positive results, which in turn lead to positive emotions (motivations). The snowball effect causes the speed to increase, and once started it is difficult to slow down.

What can break the momentum and retreat us is seeing what is wrong. Since the human brain is wired for negativity, we tend to concentrate and the energy to something we perceive is not working. You can lose sight of small wins and wins along the way.

Momentum is revealed by journaling and introspection-based work. This process creates a stronger relevance to the changes and procedures we are taking, even if no concrete results have yet emerged. With consistent momentum, you can separate yourself from the results and focus on the process instead.

“Motivated people always find a way. Unmotivated people will always find a way not to do so.” – Ed Lattimore

Pursuing the idea of ​​perfection or “all or nothing” is one of the least effective ways to generate momentum. What usually happens is that when we are “confused”, we tell ourselves to start over next week or any other date. This cycle of consistency and inconsistency continues over and over again.

We need to understand that sometimes it gets ruined and things happen beyond our control and we have to restart from where we left off. This perspective ultimately enables us to reach our goals faster, easier and more enjoyably.

Through these practical strategies, we can create more motivation and momentum in our lives. Nevertheless, it is also important to understand that the continued practice of our commitment to our goals and desires needs to take precedence over how we feel now.

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