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Invention Comp 2021: Lawn mowers, rolls, halos for grasslands

Entry into the grassland category of this year’s invention competition focuses on ways to improve the efficiency of weed re-sowing, rolling, and removal. Scroll down to see some of the most creative ideas.

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Andrew Carvis Roller Cedar

Modifications to his set of 6.3m He-Va Cambridge rolls will allow Cornish dairy and beef farmers Andrew Carbis to sow and roll in one pass.

Roller seeders also open the option to plow stubble without dragging debris across the field. This is a problem I found in the Accord DL Cedar. This means that you can evenly distribute the grass without leaving any lines or traces of the match.

Carvis says his version of the concept was put together for £ 2,720, including the cost of the Air Cedar. This is significantly cheaper than Opico wanted the kit for £ 9,000.

© Andrew Carvis

At the heart of the design is a 9-outlet Bulllock Tillage air seeder mounted on cantilever steel that extends from the drawbar and protrudes into the rear wheels. This layout allows the rollers to fold horizontally towards the tractor, keeping the hopper horizontal. It also means that he can see the seed level from the cab and fill the hopper by climbing the roller ring.

The seed pipe feeds the spreader plate installed in front of the accord row that follows the tine. The spreader plate operates at the same time as the hydraulically controlled He-Va shutter board.

The output is adjustable from the cab and the normal movement speed is 6kph. On loose ground, Carvis says he rolls once with the seeder on before making the next pass. After that, he usually rolls again, leaving a very tight nursery.

Sam Wood House Weed Wiper

Land agent Sam Woodhouse made the most of his furlough time by creating a weed wiper to help get rid of the Cumbrian rush epidemic in the grasslands.

The 3m wide tool was towed behind the Honda ATV and assembled using fairly inexpensive materials such as scrap metal to form the main A frame and the spray tank he already had.

Weed wiper

© Sam Wood House

It is strapped to the rear frame of the ATV and primes the horizontal portion of the sealed wastewater pipe until a 250mm long nylon rope overlaps. These were provided as part of the Greenleaf Wickstring Kit.

It’s 250mm off the ground and uses very little herbicide, says Woodhouse. The next task is to add height adjustment. The total cost was £ 150.

Rob Chatwin Ballast Roller Tow Kit

During the first blockade in 2020, Rob Chatwin and his contractor friend Matt designed and manufactured a rear traction kit for a 2.4m ballast roll.

It features a sturdy box section frame that runs over the rollers, with the lorry axle located behind the pivot arm.

A pair of hydraulic rams extend from the top of the frame to the axles, allowing the rollers to move up and down as needed.

The duo used the parts and steel they already had and outsourced only rams custom made by a local hydraulic company.

© Rob Chatwin

Malaki Doran Weed Licker

Marasy Doran has built a three-point linkage mount weed licker to target the stubborn gorse.

It was built primarily using scrap found on the farm, such as the absorbent bristles of old wheel brushes that were previously used to clean cars. A 12V pump feeds the nozzle from the upper 200 liter tank and the reels are hydraulically driven.

Weed licker

© Malachy Dolan

With a width of 2.4m, it can be used in tricky field corners and the height is adjusted using the tractor’s link arm.

Dolan says the advantage of using bristles instead of ropes is that they reduce the chance of dripping and increase the surface area for better contact with weeds. Overall, he thinks it will cost about £ 400 to build.

Matthew Kirk silage wrap carrier

Continuing to supply plastic rolls to his Kuhn rapper was a never-ending task for 22-year-old Matthew Kirk.

So instead of using a quad bike and trailer that can only hold four at a time, we’ve created a lap carrier that can be lifted with a bale squeeze instead of a pallet tine.

Silage wrap carrier

© Matthew Kirk

The base of the frame is made up of recycled diesel tanks, which are heavier than necessary, but we were able to keep costs down. Below that, I attached two steel pipes so that the squeeze arm could slide. During work, the telehandler’s headstock is crowded and the tine is unfolded to hold the frame firmly.

It can carry 20 rolls and is designed to prevent them from falling. He says it’s been much easier to catch up with Baler, especially because it can be carted with a JCB telehandler and doesn’t require any other attachments.

Lindsay Gracey ATV-equipped spot atomizer

The mini-spot atomizer allowed Lindsey Gracie in Rasfriland, a country down, to remove prominent weeds from the grassland without resorting to handling.

It fits the front of the quad bike via an angle iron frame and is paired with a regular ATV sprayer mounted on the back. A hose of a length carries chemicals into a bank of 5 triggers and engages 10 spray nozzles in pairs.

The total cost was £ 300 and most of the bits were raised from eBay.

ATV-equipped spot atomizer

© Lindsay Gracie

David Powell’s ATV Lockup

After pinching two ATVs, David Powell decided to strengthen his defenses with a lockup box.

It was born as a large diesel tank that he greatly strengthened. To break the container, the thief must first go through a covered, sturdy padlock and some other nasty safety features.

The tank rolls on caster wheels and opens with hinges, making it easy for riders to get on and off.

ATV lockup

© David Powell

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Invention Comp 2021: Lawn mowers, rolls, halos for grasslands

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