Inventories of PS5 and Xbox Series X will be limited until fall until AMD says

It’s still almost impossible to get a new console (Photo: Metro)

Bad news for everyone: it will be difficult Buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X for at least the next two months, probably over the summer.

Earlier this week, Microsoft warned AMD, which makes the main processors for both the Xbox Series X / S and the PlayStation 5, although inventory of the Xbox Series X and S isn’t easy to get until at least the end of March. .. , Warns that it will be even worse than that.

“I think we have a lot of support from our manufacturing partners. We see some tightness in the first half of this year as the industry needs to raise its overall capacity level, but in the second half of this year. Capacity will be added, “said AMD CEO Lisa Soo through VGC.

AMD manufactures hardware for all kinds of companies and purposes, but they say, “Overall demand exceeded plans, resulting in supply constraints at the end of the year.”

What this means for anyone who wants to buy a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X / S is that it probably remains difficult, at least until the summer.

Microsoft said the situation could improve by March, so it’s likely that availability will increase slowly until then, but AMD doesn’t seem to suggest it.

Sony hasn’t said anything about availability at any point this year, or since the PlayStation 5 was first launched in November.

This all means that inventory will be limited as it has been since its launch for at least the next two months.

It also means that scalpers will continue to be a problem, such as using bots to buy stocks before anyone else gets a chance and sell them at high prices on eBay.

Neither Microsoft nor Sony have done anything about this issue, and most retailers have so far seemed to have little luck stopping Scalper.

Argos PS5 is out of stock

Familiar message (Photo: Argos)

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PS5 and Xbox Series X stock will be limited until autumn says AMD

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