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Over the past few years, the incredibly disturbingly common refrain has arisen from the cast and crew working on a number of big new television series. Big Little Lies To Stranger Things – “It’s really a 6-hour movie.” (Freely enter more numbers to describe a show that has eight or nine episodes instead of six per season.) The movie and television war kept many of us. It’s especially stupid to fight to get out of the pandemic. Apart from the cinema, it turns essentially everything into a television, whether it was intended that way or not.

Marvel’s Disney + latest show, Falcon and Winter Soldier, No different from star Anthony Mackie say it The show will look like last summer’s “6 or 8 hour movie”, and director Kari Skogland emphasizes it again. / Interview with Film.. Set aside the dizzying amount that you might get when you look at the comment again. Maybe a 6 hour Falcon movie will appeal to you. If Disney + deals with it, its appeal will be more intriguing Falcon and Winter Soldier Like a movie … well, instead of a weekly TV show.

When Disney + opened its virtual door in the fall of 2019, services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime were zigzag for new programs.Yes, Disney + has a hot new show MandalorianHowever, the episode wasn’t released all at once and was treated as HBO handles instead. game of Thrones Or one of the shows that pushes up many other boundaries.By the end of the first season it was clear Mandalorian It was an immeasurable benefit because it was a rare streaming show that was released weekly rather than being immediately glimpsed. (I I have written These two episodes to the first season, and I’m still not quite impressed with the story of Baby Yoda and friends, but very minority about the idea that the show should be released at once. I admit that. )

After a great success as well WandavisionIt’s easy to imagine that Marvel’s next TV venture could be equally compelling, weird, and incredibly inexperienced in comic books, and could attract weekly attention.But in the middle of the season (maybe Marvel has a second Falcon and Winter Soldier The season is planned, but nothing has been confirmed), Anthony Mackie seems to have been right. Falcon and Winter Soldier will you do It feels like a 6-hour movie. And releasing weekly installments is a terrible way to build that momentum.

Wandavision Although more dramatic and interesting in the first stretch of the episode, Marvel’s Braintrust made the wise decision to devote himself to the roots of the media.How to even pay lip service for TV ideas second hand Looks like it’s allowed Wandavision I find it particularly suitable for getting weekly releases. If Wanda Maximoff finds himself in the midst of a variety of television-era comedies, it makes more sense to make her and the viewer wonder what’s next during the week. It is. Only on the premiere day, Disney + broke its own rules and released the first two installments. WandavisionAllows the audience to better understand how things change for the Scarlet Witch.

That technique would have been very informative Falcon and Winter SoldierGiven that the first episode ends before Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes meet … Named the show after two former Captain America best friends, to say the least, promoted the show based on the teaming of the two teams, and teamed up in the first episode. It is dangerous not to assemble. (Premier episodes also offer few hints why Sam and Bucky may even form a team. This is not the first show to boast that it really looks like an extended movie. The problem is that most of those shows are released at once, like a movie. As Sam and Bucky try to defeat Flag-Smasher and temporarily hire malicious Baron Zimo for their purposes, it becomes increasingly difficult to invest in shows that were intended to be seen in one fell swoop. I am. This is a problem inherent in promoting your show like an extended movie. People may be best served by seeing it that way.

And Falcon and Winter Soldier This isn’t the only Disney + original struggling with its weekly release strategy.I also have a streamer The Duck That Can’t Fly: Game ChangerEmilio Estevez starred again as Gordon Bombay in the revival of the television-style 90’s film series. Gordon Bombay is now a moody lawyer who has to teach children’s hockey. (All old ones are new.) Game changer Is two episodes of a ten-episode season, with some basic conceptual roles reversed. This time, the town’s bullying team, Mighty Dax himself, has his own rug tag team to provide single mothers (Lauren Graham) with a less aggressively prepared and scheduled version of the sport to the grab bag. I accidentally urged you to launch Goofball Kids’.

It’s essentially a 21st century version Mighty Dax (It was a cute version in itself Bad news bears). Uh. A movies..And just like Falcon & Winter Soldier, Game changer Is released once a week and is a decision that only weakens the momentum that sports-focused shows are trying to win. The show isn’t just inspired by the movie (so it raises the question of why it wasn’t a movie either, or was it released at least once).that is Game changer It feels like Disney +’s reaction to the TV resurgence of another streaming service in a sports-focused movie series. First on YouTube, then on Netflix, Cobra Kai Taken the basic concept of Karate kid, Turned it over in his ears (originally positioning the malicious Johnny Lawrence as a new kind of hero and Daniel LaRusso as a thorn on his side) and became quite popular in the process.

Cobra Kai Is not perfect and may even avoid the real consequences of perpetuating violence in the show community. (And, like many 80’s movies, it’s basically a show that ignores the idea that parents in the community are angry at their children being hit by a fierce karate attack.) However Cobra Kai The advantage is that you can release the seasons all at once and create a punchy cliffhanger for each episode so you can watch the next episode right away.

Game changer Is like Cobra Kai Slowly followed the template of the Underdog Sports movie and did it in the first season. In the second episode, Don’t Bothers (starting with the characters from Team Graham) play the first game and play horribly.By the end of the episode, we get more hints that the nasty Bombay will soften and coach again (because) of course He). And by the end of the 10-episode season, it’s easy to imagine that Don’t Brothers could still be victorious.But where Cobra Kai You can see the full journey of the vulnerable in a few hours while treating Game changer It serves only to emphasize its creative inefficiency, as in traditional television shows. Watching a five-hour vulnerable sports movie is one thing. Watching it for three months with dribbling and dribbling is not very exciting.

This plea is not intended to beg for something and echo Veruca Salt nowJust because. This problem is more fundamental than that. Not all streaming shows are created the same. It’s kind of funny to see streamers like Netflix and Disney + talking about creating a new paradigm for releasing shows, which means they’re recreating the way broadcast networks have always released shows. That is. Some of these shows are released weekly. Wandavision – Whatever its creative flaws – it’s a much bigger water cooler show accurately It wasn’t released all at once. However, some shows need that bingeable strategy. It’s wise to publish like a movie so that creators are encouraged to treat the show like a movie that is too long.

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Investigating Falcon and Winter Soldier Release Issues – / Film

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