Business & Investment Mixing Asian Equities, Georgia Elections, COVID-19 Investor Mind Raise

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Gina Lee – Tuesday morning, stocks in the Asia Pacific region were mixed, and investors prepared for a major outflow election in Georgia, USA. The ever-increasing number of COVID-19 cases and the delay in the recovery of the global economy are also weakening investor sentiment.

Japan rose 0.01% by 10:15 pm (3:15 am Greenwich Mean Time), and Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga decided on Thursday a new state of emergency in the metropolitan area.

South Korea rose 0.17%, but Australia fell 0.26%.

Hong Kong fell 0.16%. Current social distance measures, such as a ban on gatherings of two or more people and a restaurant meal service after 6 pm, were extended for another two weeks on Monday.

China fell 0.41% and surged 1.08%. The New York Stock Exchange has overturned the previous decision to delist China Mobile Ltd (HK :). China Telecom Corp Ltd (NYSE :) and China Unicom Hong Kong Ltd (NYSE :).

The results of the Georgia elections will take place later in the day, so it will determine whether Democrats or Republicans dominate the Senate. A party that has won one or both of the Senate seats can easily carry out his agenda, including fiscal stimulus, tax increases, and tighter regulation, when Joe Biden in the presidential election comes to power later in the month. Decide if.

“2021 begins with the huge success of political and economic news that is crucial to the market’s digestion. The indisputable highlight is the result of the Senate vote in Georgia.” Said James Knightley, ING’s Chief International Economist, in a memo.

“If the Democrats win both seats, this should lead to the most substantive 2021 fiscal stimulus package. Still, it could be an excuse for short-term consolidation of risk markets after a strong post-election backlash. There is sex. “

However, prior to the election, incumbent President Donald Trump called on Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Lafenceparger to “find” a vote to overturn the defeat of Biden in the state. It made some investors uneasy.

Congress will also count electoral votes and prove to Biden the winner of the presidential election on Wednesday, November 3. Some Republicans have vowed to vote against the certification, and Trump supporters expected to gather in Washington, DC in protest.

Meanwhile, the ever-increasing number of COVID-19 cases worldwide has weakened the enthusiasm caused by the deployment of the COVID-19 vaccine, which began in December.

The spread of the B177 strain of the virus was more infectious than the original virus and urged British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday to order a new, stricter national blockade. Johnson was cautious about giving a solid blockade timetable, but said he could get out of the blockade by mid-February.

Despite a short and harsh message, some investors were optimistic that they would be commissioned in the first quarter of this year.

“The first quarter will definitely be tough. During the festival, the spread is horrifying, the restrictions are tightened and extended. The economic impact will be significant, but thanks to the vaccine. It was mainly outsourced in the first quarter, “Oanda’s senior market analyst Craig Ahram told Bloomberg.

On the data side, the Federal Reserve Board will also release the minutes of the December meeting on Wednesday. US employment data for December, including salaries, will be released on Friday. Mixing Asian Equities, Georgia Elections, COVID-19 Investor Mind Raise Mixing Asian Equities, Georgia Elections, COVID-19 Investor Mind Raise

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