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Investors who have nearly doubled index returns say these three mid-cap stocks are ripe for economic recovery.

At this stage of the bull market, large cap stocks, especially growth stocks, are heavily funded.

Diversification into small businesses reduces risk and may put you in a part of a ripe, opportunity-filled market at the right time. You can do this with Midcap stocks.

Below are three mid-cap stocks selected by Amy Zhang, who manages the $ 903 million Alger Mid-Cap Focus Fund.

And the $ 7.7 billion Alger Small-Cap Focus Fund

Small funds have been rated 4 stars (out of 5 stars) by Morning Star and are closed to new investors. The Midcap Fund was established on June 14, 2019 and has no Morningstar rating. It is still open and its performance is ranked within the top 5% of the approximately 600 funds in the 2021 and 2020 Morning Star Midcap Growth categories.

This is a comparison of the total returns of Class I stocks of the Alger Midcap Focus Fund and the Russell Midcap Growth Index.

Its benchmark since the fund was founded. As you can see, mutual funds have almost doubled benchmark returns.


The Alger Midcap Focus Fund typically holds about 50 shares.Zhang also manages the Alger Midcap 40 ETF

It was founded in February and follows a similar strategy, but typically holds 40 shares.

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In an interview, Zhang called Midcap “the best of both worlds.” That’s because it’s worth the good value found on the beaten path, and there’s also play for growth.

For small cap focus funds, Zhang’s choice tends to be healthcare or technology companies. These sectors are characterized by so many innovations. However, small caps also need a thorough investigation. Many companies are expected to be unprofitable for years. The risk is high if the company offers only one product or service.

When choosing mid-cap stocks, Chan follows the same “positive dynamic change” strategy as for small caps. But when it comes to midcaps, she says: [economic] recovery. ”

Mid-caps have a higher financial quality than small caps and tend to have more diversified sources of revenue. Therefore, she explained that Zhang may choose stocks in any industry. She also said the Alger Mid-Cap Focus Fund is not fixed to any sector allocation because its strategy is “actually about stock selection.”

As of the end of September, she said the fund was “financial and industrial overweight” compared to the benchmark index.

“When the market is very macro driven, like this year, we are still focusing on high quality growth companies in midcap, but we [have had] There will be more exposure to cyclics, “he added, adding that due to the economic environment, mid-caps performed better than small caps in 2021.

3 midcap stocks

Zhang emphasized three of the largest holdings of the Alger Midcap Focus Fund. They provide an estimate of consensus earnings for the calendar year up to 2023 and a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of revenues (in millions of dollars) and expected price-earnings ratios (P / E) over the two years. increase.


Estimated Revenue – 2021

Estimated Revenue – 2022

Estimated Revenue – 2023

Estimated Revenue CAGR

Forward P / E

Upstart Holdings Inc.

$ 756

$ 1,079

$ 1,376



Signature bank

$ 1,969

$ 2,349

$ 2,804



Herc Holdings Inc.

$ 2,087

$ 2,447

$ 2,831



Source: FactSet

These are high CAGRs that are expected to be profitable. By comparison, the S & P S & P Small-Cap 600 is expected to have a combined two-year CAGR of only 2.5%.

S & P 400 Medium Cap Index Index and 5.5%

Until 2023. The forward P / E ratio of the index is:

Upstart Holdings

Upstart Holdings Inc.

Has developed a cloud-based lending platform for banks that utilize artificial intelligence. The service began with a streamlined platform for unsecured consumer loans, including signing, underwriting and services. The company added a similar service to mortgages in 2020. This service is cloud based. According to the company, in 2020, more than half of the customers who took out loans through Upstart applied using their mobile phones.

“Over time, we believe they will become a one-stop shop and will be able to take out cards, mortgages, point-of-sale loans and home equity loans,” said Zhang. She likes setup — a company with a small market share in the huge US credit market.

The company was released in December 2020. This is an early play and has small cap-like features, including a very high forward P / E. But in the early stages, when fast-growing companies are focusing on growth instead of making a profit, high P / E doesn’t make sense.

Wall Street analysts expect the company to continue to grow rapidly, as shown in the table above, and Zhang expects profit margins to improve “as it grows in size.”

Signature bank

Signature bank

of New York is a fast-growing regional player in an industry where most investors have nothing to do with growth. The 19.3% revenue CAGR from 2021 to 2023 is expected to be the highest of the 24 banks in the KBW Bank Index.

(This index includes the largest banks in the United States, excluding investment banks.)

Mr. Zhang believes that there is “more room for expansion” because the price-earnings ratio is in line with slow-growing mid-sized banks.

She is particularly impressed with Signature Bank’s Signet digital payment platform. The platform allows real-time payments between commercial customers at any time. Signet utilizes blockchain technology. The real-time aspect of the service is more important than you might think. Bank transaction processing has traditionally been a nighttime business, as mainframe computers process billions of transactions in batches during non-business hours.

Mr. Chan said that Signet shows the bank’s “cryptocurrency options” as Bitcoin and other digital currencies are more widely adopted.

Helk Holdings

Herc Holdings Inc.

We lease heavy equipment through subsidiaries, including Herc Rentals. It operates in over 270 locations in North America. The company was spun off by the old Hertz Holdings (now known as Hertz Global Holdings Inc.).

) June 2016.

Herc has two major US competitors: United CallManager Inc.

Sunbelt Rentals, a unit of Ashted Group PLC


Zhang called Herc “catch-up play.” It is in a good position to gain market share as management has replaced aging rental fleets with moderately sized costs.

She hopes Herc’s margins will improve, causing investors to “revalue” the company. This means expansion of P / E multiples.

The outlook for the infrastructure bill, passed by Congress and signed by President Biden, will help the company, Zhang said. Aside from the political situation, “everyone knows the supply chain problems that have hindered this year’s forecasts. Herc is the solution,” she added.

Stock discount group

Large-cap stocks are mostly reported in the financial media. Not surprising given how rapidly and consistently the world leaders in technology have grown. Broad index funds are a great low-cost investment, but if you’re in it, you might be surprised at how much of your money is concentrated in a small number of stocks.

As a best example, SPDR S & P 500 ETF Trust

22% concentrated on only 5 Microsoft companies.

AAPL, Inc.

Two common stock classes from Google’s holding company Alphabet Inc.


And Facebook Inc.

S & P500 Index

Is considered a US benchmark and is weighted by market capitalization. Due to the unlimited size of the company, it should always be much more concentrated than the S & P Small Cap 600 Index and the S & P 400 Medium Cap Index.

In addition to Zhang’s discussion of the “best of both worlds” of medium-cap stocks, you may be surprised that price-earnings ratios are not as high as they are for medium-cap (or small-cap) stocks. Cap stock.

And the same is true for small caps.

Timothy Skiendzielewski, who manages the Aberdeen US Small Cap Equity Fund

recently, Profitable small businesses are great value In the current market.

Using the data edited by FactSet, we show a comparison of the current weighted futures price-earnings ratios of three broad S & P indexes. This is because mid-caps and small caps are not trading at a much higher rating than usual, and the current discount on the S & P 500 is much higher than usual, based on long-term averages.

Forward P / E ratio



3-year average

5-year average

10 year average

15 year average

20 year average

S & P Small Cap 600







S & P400 Medium Cap







S & P 500







S & P 500 Forward P / E Rating Percentage


3-year average

5-year average

10 year average

15 year average

20 year average

S & P Small Cap 600







S & P400 Medium Cap







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Investors who have nearly doubled index returns say these three mid-cap stocks are ripe for economic recovery. Investors who have nearly doubled index returns say these three mid-cap stocks are ripe for economic recovery.

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