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Invite privilege information

I want to make extra ??for For a limited time, Invite your friends to JoyFreak to get a cash reward. Read the entire message to understand how the message works, what your payment is, and who can enter it.

How does this work?
Invite your friends to JoyFreak, and each time they use your referral, it counts as a single invitation to your account. You can check the number of referrals in your profile. You must use referrals to be counted as an invitation. That is, you will need to use the referral link or enter your username when registering.

How are invitations tracked?
Invitations will be tracked via JoyFreak’s total referrals starting on this date. This will allow you to view the date and time of the referred user. You can visit here to get a referral link or enter your username when you register.

How much is the payment?
At the time of payment-
Invitation of 10 people-$ 5.00
25 Invitation-$ 10.00 or 1 Year Upgrade
Invitation of 50 people-$ 20.00
75 Invitation-$ 30.00

Payments can be made in real currency via PayPal, gift cards, or credits.

How do I claim my reward?
Send a private message to Aries with proof.

JoyFreak Rewards Notification

Anyone who discovers that they are abusing the reward system by creating multiple accounts via VPN, proxy, home connection, or any other method will not receive any rewards upon suspension of their account at JoyFreak. Carefully check your invitations before each payment to ensure a fair system.

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